In partnership with Builders Warehouse

We worked our asses off this past weekend….

Creating a beautiful outdoor space in partnership with Builders Warehouse. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I did an Instagram takeover on the Builders Fan instagram account on Saturday, to demonstrate our ridiculously simple creating a vertical garden could be!

The results are breathtaking! 

Somebody on Twitter pointed me in the direction of the Vicinity Greenwall Pot Irrigation Kits that are sold at selected Builders Warehouse stores and I found stock at their Sunninghill branch.

The Installation. 

The Vicinity Modular Vertical Gardens are locally manufactured, using recycled material and they are ridiculously easy to install.  My husband has a penchant for throwing F-Bombs and tantrums every time he’s required to do any kind of DIY but even he managed to install our vertical garden effortlessly. We used wooden trellises from Builders Warehouse to boarder our vertical garden, with star jasmine creepers to grow up the sides. I absolutely cannot wait for the creepers and plants in the vertical garden to grow in and fill out, I think it’s going to look magnificent once’s it’s fully grown in.

The view from my patio….

Has always been butt ugly. Just a 2.5m concrete slab and I have hated it. You sit on the patio and look at bare concrete! But now….. you sit on our patio and this is the beautiful view:

We chose to create our vertical garden with succulents because they are water wise, low maintenance and pretty much grow themselves. Builders Warehouse had a huge selection to choose from and at cray crazy prices too! I bought 40 plants for our vertical garden and was very grateful to have my mom visiting for the weekend because she did all the planting for us! 

Pool Area…

We have, what can only be called a compact garden. It’s actually one of the things that originally attracted us to the house, which was originally designed and built by an architect, with the soul purpose of building a large house on a smallish stand, so the use of the space is important.

Our garden and pool area, are like jigsaw puzzles, they are all carefully designed and slotted into each other to maximize the use of the small space. As a result, our pool is tucked around the side of the house and again, it has a very high, bland concrete wall, with two trees in pots on either corner. The poor trees have long since outgrown their pots and the area was ugly and unkept!

New pots…. new look!

I chose pots from Builders Warehouses huge selection, that would be big enough to house out trees and suit the space available to them. Then for the crappy, bland wall, we fitted a bamboo trellis, also from from Builders Warehouse. 

The bamboo  trellis is a work in progress….

I hung all kinds of goodies that my husband and I have collected from our travels. But I still want to hang some air plants and other succulent planters on the bamboo trellis, so this is a work in progress, but already, it looks a million times better!

In my last post about Builders Warehouse in December, I also mentioned that we would love to get an outdoor chandelier for our patio to replace the ridiculous light that was originally fitted. Well guess what? That happened too! How gorgeous?

I am in love with our space…

I have literally sat on our patio all of Sunday afternoon, sipping champagne to celebrate our beautiful new outdoor space while looking at the fruits of our labour!

Do you love it as much as I do?