And that’s huh … and not… aaaah!

I’ve made no secret that I enjoyed 50 Shades Of Grey. Yes I know it’s toted as mommy p.o.r.n. I know it’s no great literary event, I know its full of cringe worthy grammar. But guess what? I am not a grammar Nazi! I don’t care for deeply intellectual books from literary giants. I enjoy light, easy reads. My days are busy and stressful enough, I read to escape, to switch off completely and 50 Shades did that for me, it was light and entertaining, even though I was eye rolling at times, I still really enjoyed the books and have been eagerly awaiting the movie release!

That is till I heard who has secured the roll of Christian Grey…..



Really???? That is who’s going to walk bare chested and those jeans???

I am so disappointed! The books describe Christian as tall & copper haired…. when I read that, I pictured… well not a scruffy blonde lady boy!

Charlie Hunnam has secured the role of Christian Grey. I went and googled him, most of his pictures show him as a scruffy blonde Jesus look a like, minus the sandals … not quite what anyone wants to imagine as Christian Grey….

I guess we’ll have to wait for the movie to see if he can do the role of Christian Grey any justice….

50 Shades Of Grey movie … coming *snigger* August 2014