This beautiful package arrived for me earlier this week:

Crimson Moon Parcel

It’s a Crimson Moon parcel! Not a subscription box and Crimson Moon describe the difference being that they believe that what sets them apart from other subscriptions is that this is a personal service rather than a collection of items you receive for your home or make up samples you may never use.

And I’m inclined to agree with them. I’m guilty of NEVER tracking my cycles and land up regularly having to make frantic phone calls to my husband to pick up sanitary products on his way home from work because I forgot and got caught off guard. I’ve had so many grumbled conversations with him while he scans the sanitary isle asking me whether I need applicators or non applicators, panty liners, pads or any other of the plethora of sanitary products available to us. But with Crimson Moon, you purchase your subscription and input the approximate date of your previous period and et voila…. your box arrives beautifully wrapped and with treats, right before you need it!

Crimson Moon Subscription Parcel

The other comment that the folks over at Crimson Moon made, that was perfectly timed for me, was that despite it being the 21st century, female menstruation still remains a taboo subject. Their aim is not only to demystify the period but with a monthly gift of prettily wrapped sanitary products and treats, healthy feminine functioning becomes a good reason to celebrate!

And ironically, they said that about 20 minutes after I read this article:

A rant for women with periods….

We all say that ‘certain time of the month’ because we’ve all been socially conditioned not to talk about periods. Why? Because periods are a thing that make us feel uncomfortable to talk about. Why is that? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because our social norms were created by wealthy, prejudiced, anglo-saxon, protestant men who just couldn’t feel comfortable with the relationship between bleeding and breeding.

Which I loved because so much, in fact all of it rung true for me!

How it works:

You select the subscription for you, input the date of your last period and voila….. a few days before your next period starts, your parcel will arrive, filled with all kinds of gorgeous goods, including artisan chocolates, a curated gift  and your selection of sanitary products. You can choose from Kotex or Lil-lets, you can choose 25 items, selecting between the two brands and including tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners.

Crimson Moon Parcel Gifts

What it costs:

Crimson Moon Subscriptions

I showed it to Walter and his comment was that he’d happily buy me a subscription to avoid the frantic calls and applicator versus non applicator discussions that happen with him at 6pm in the middle of Pick ‘n Pay almost every single month.

It’s a premium service and one I think is definitely worth paying for. I really loved the box, it is beautiful and a great way to remind me that my period is due and to not be caught off guard in future, frantically tearing through the bathroom cupboard searching for sanitary products.

Crimson Moon Treats

And of course… who doesn’t need a few chocolates and treats at that time of the month!

 Want to try a Crimson Moon subscription? Experience a fabulous period? I’ve got 5 one month subscriptions to give away, just follow the Rafflecopter entry prompts below. And if you’d like to buy your own subscription, then readers of the Blessed Barrenness qualify for a 10% discount, just use the following coupon code:


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