I’m not a big TV watcher and even less of a fan of cooking shows but last week while browsing the channels, I got stuck watching an episode of Lorraine Pascale’s Home Cooking Made Easy. And I’ve been unable to get the incredible slow roasted pork belly out of my head ever since.


So on Sunday I couldn’t anymore and I just knew I had to make this delicious pork belly roast. Because it was cold and I was in the mood for something delicious and warm and comforting and totally satisfying.

And this, my dears, was the outcome:

Pork Roast

The meat was roasted for nearly 7 hours in my oven, by the time I removed it, the crackling literally just lifted off the top and the meat didn’t even need to be carved, just pulled apart with a fork and served. I made roasted veggies consisting of sweet potato, pupmkin and cloves of garlic, in the same pan as the meat and then I lay the roasting dish on the stove top, heated it up with a little of my homemade stock, brought to the boil while scraping the meat juices & cooked pieces off the roasting tray to make the most delicious, meaty gravy ever.

You can read her full recipe here: Slow Roast Pork

I made some changes to the recipe and to the vegetable selections to ensure that it remained banting and low carb friendly. Β What I loved most was how easy this roast was to make too, while the cooking time is long, you literally throw it all in the oven and leave it.

I will NEVER eat a pork roast any other way ever again. It was the juiciest, most delicious piece of meat I’ve ever eaten and the crackling… oooh boy… the crackling….

To die for you guys!