I started doing a photo food journal on Instagram when a number of people asked me for a meal plan, which I don’t have, or an idea of what it is that I eat on a daily basis. I’m far too lazy to do that, so I thought documenting my food on Instagram would help for those that were looking for ideas.

Banting breakfast seems to be a stumbling area for a lot of people because eggs, eggs and even more eggs but with time and experience, I’ve learned to vary my breakfasts to keep them interesting, although a banting breakfast is ALWAYS more interesting than a boring bowel of carby, sugary cereal so I’ll choose it any day! When I started sharing my breakfast images on Instagram, a number of you asked for recipes on how I make my smoothies. So here’s the secret….

Berry & Coconut Smoothie
Berry & Coconut Smoothie

There is no recipe, I just moer everything I think will taste nice into a blender with Double Cream or Greek Yoghurt. Oh and my other secret ingredient is coconut oil because of all its health benefits.

Image Credit – Organic Facts

My favourite ingredients for smoothies are:

  •  Spinach – one of the best ways to ensure that I eat at least one portion of cruciferous veg every day.
  • Berries (frozen or fresh) – because berries are the only fruits “freely” allowed on the Banting diet because they have the least impact on insulin levels
  • Nuts & Nut butters – because FAT!
  • Coconu
  • Honey – this is an orange list ingredient so use in moderation and occasionally only.
  • Chai seeds – because like coconut and coconut oil, it’s packed with health benefits!

    Some of my fav ingredients.

I love including smoothies in my breakfasts. They’re sweet and delicious and taste like a dessert FOR BREAKFAST! Winning!

You can find more low carb smoothie recipes here: http://www.prolificjuicing.com/low-carb-smoothie-recipes/

Spinach Smoothie
Spinach Smoothie


What are your favourite LCHF smoothie ingredients?