I was gifted a few products from Anesi Beauté after my first facial at Professional Beauty a couple of months ago as part of my homecare regime to complement the facial treatments I’d received. Skin preparation is such an integral and important part of effective facial treatments as if the skin is not prepared correctly, you simply won’t see the same level of results.

Here are my thoughts:

About Anesi Beauté

Anesi Beauté is a skin and body care range that has its origins in Spain and is just one of the ranges produced by GRUPO DRV-PHYTOLAB, which has more than years experience in the personal aesthetics world, developing and supplying products exclusively to beauty professionals around the world.

Here is what I got to try:

Aqua Vital Mousse Radiance

I am not a fan of milky cleansers, always preferring a gel cleanser or a foaming wash, so I really enjoyed the Aqua Vital Mousse Radiance. It is a gel formulation that foams gently while cleansing and unlike other gel cleansers, it can be used around the eyes and on the lips. I use this product twice daily, in the mornings for a quick skin refresh and in the evenings, as the second part of my double cleanse to remove makeup and impurities that have built up during the course of the day.

RRP: R443

Aqua Vital Lotion

This is for the toning phase of your cleansing routine. This toner is suitable for all skin types and it completes the cleansing phase by leaving my skin feeling refreshed and gently moisturized. This toner specifically also helps to prepare the skin for the absorption of active ingredients in any specialist serums or creams that may follow after cleansing.

I really liked how soft and refreshed my skin felt after using this product.

RRP: R394

DNA Cronologie Crème

I LOVED this product! My skin tends to lean towards oiliness but this product, designed for all us over 40’s, was just light enough to used both day and night but left my skin feeling nourished. This cream contains DNA filaments which act as a tissue regenerator on the basic composition of DNA, inhibiting the formation of elasteses. Simply put, it’s EXCELLENT for antiaging.

RRP: R934

Final Thoughts:

You’d be hard-pressed to buy professional quality skincare at these prices. mean most professional-grade skincare is going to cost you way more so I am really impressed with the pricing.

I’ve been using the products for just over two months now and I love them.

If you would like to purchase Anesi Beauté products, you can get in touch with Beauty Professionals in Victory Park, or alternatively order online. But I would recommend that you get a proper skin analysis done at your nearest Anesi Beauté salon to ensure you purchase the correct products for your skin.

Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in exchange for my review.