You guys, what a month July was for me personally. It has been such a time of rediscovering my own grit and determination. It’s been a month that has reminded me daily of how fierce, fearless, fabulous I can be when I have my head in the game. It’s a reminder that while we have become so fond of the expression and sentiment – don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes, you actually do need to give yourself a great, big, kick up your own ass. 

July Goals

At the beginning of July, I blogged about how I planned to recommit to my life as a banter. Well, I smashed every single goal I set out for myself last month! So here’s what happened.

I lost 6kg’s and I ran 84km’s in the month of July!!!! YAS!

I am incredibly proud of this achievement! While I still have aways to go, I’m already feeling a million times better No stupid midday slump, I’m sleeping better and feeling much stronger too. 

So whats Augusts goals?

Well, I’m running my first 10km race next week, I’m also going on a week-long business trip towards the end of the month, so my big focus will be to maintain my runs, even while I’m away on business. Which I’m actually quite excited about as I’ll be staying in Umhlanga, just one road up from the start of the promenade. Hello, beachfront runs!

In terms of weight loss, I don’t want to set an unrealistic goal for myself. Last month I had hoped to lose the weight I’d gained on holiday and while I did that and then a little extra too, I also know my own body and I know that it’s not a realistic goal. But if I could drop another 3kg’s in August, I’d be thrilled!


I also joined the #FATmomsRun movement along with One Messy Mama and Tonic and Tiaras. For those of you who don’t know, FAT stands for FABULOUS and TIRED and it’s been an amazing motivating factor to me, to remain accountable and to keep pushing even when I don’t feel like it. I’m a highly competitive person so these types of movements work extremely well for me.

What are your August health goals?