About a month ago, I got a special delivery at the office, containing the new Avon Anew Platinum skincare range. This their first range of skincare targeted at women aged 55 years and older. It has been expertly formulated to help mature skins regain their natural fullness and volume.

My Thoughts:

Firstly, a disclaimer, I am 47, so I’m not quite the target market for this range of products, but I think we are sorely lacking in older “influencers” in South Africa and so I received the products to trial.

The Anew Platinum Creams are Serum Infused (and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know how I feel about serums) so this made me a little more excited than a cream that is not targeted for my skin should.

I have naturally oily skin, so the Day Cream, with its patent-pending Paxillium Technology, which is designed to help restore youthful cell shape, making your skin feel silky smooth and totally radiant, was a little too oily for me. But I did love that it also contained an SPF to not only nourish but protect my skin. And it’s really well priced at R339.

I’ve been using the Night Cream religiously and loving it. Even with my naturally oily skin, I love going to bed with a deeply nourishing night treatment so this cream has been right up my alley. It’s little more perfumed than what I’d normally use but overall I am enjoying and once again, at only R339, it’s a really great price.

Random Reason To Love The Range

And this is very random, but I think anyone over Β 40 who has begun battling with their eyesight will appreciate this! The Day Cream and Night Cream come in color-coordinated tubs which means that I can easily identify the cream I need to use even without my glasses on.

The Eye & Lip Cream

The Eye and Lip Cream has definitely been my favorite of the 3 products. I’ve especially loved using this product on my lips, no dry, cracked winter lips for me, thank you very much and it’s a total steal at only R229!

Have you checked out Avon’s new website?

You can now shop Avon’s full range of products from the comfort of home with their newly launched online store.