Last year, after I’d been banting for about 9 months, I wrote this post – What I Didn’t Expect From Banting. Almost a year on and today I’m going to share with you what I know for sure about banting!

It is sustainable! I remember at the beginning of last year when banting was really making waves online and every second Tom, Dick & Harry was trying to rip it to shreds, all everyone kept harping on was how it wasn’t sustainable, well… ta-daa… here I am, one year and 7 months in and still going strong. It’s sustainable. For sure. It’s more sustainable than any other “healthy” or “balanced” eating plan I’ve ever been on and believe me, I have tried them all, including just about every ridiculous fad diet out there, none of them ever gave me the results that banting has.

Green leafy veggies aid in my weight loss! I can’t explain this one, but I know for sure that the more green leaves I eat accompanying my meat at meal times, the faster I seem to lose weight. We eat a ton of cabbage, spinach, kale and brussel sprouts on a weekly basis.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but not for the traditional reasons we are all taught. I find that when I eat a good breakfast, it definitely affects my appestatΒ and I’m far less likely to overeat for the remainder of the day, skipping breakfast or eating a late breakfast means that I feel dissatisfied and far more likely to snack and nibble or eat the wrong things throughout the course of the day, this is most notable on weekends as I’m usually out running longer runs so don’t eat breakfast until like 10am, by which time, I’m ravenous and it’s far harder for me to control myself.


I can’t skip meals. I know a lot of banters can. I just can’t. I still eat my 3 meals a day. The biggest difference now is that my food is satisfying and not the bland, steamed, tasteless meals so often served on traditional diets. I also don’t snack. I don’t need to. Because I’m taking in fat, I’m able to go about 6 hours between meals before I’m hungry again and also less food fills me up much faster than before.

Fruit…. I have to be careful with fruit. I love my fruit but I’m cautious with how much I eat and what fruits I chose. I especially avoid apples, banana’s and grapes as they are far too high in sugar and definitely impact on my weight loss.

Eggs, we eat a massive amount of eggs, going through on average on average 36 to 50 eggs per week. Β They are my go to food. I keep a stash of them boiled and ready to go in the fridge at all times, they make a great snack if I am feeling peckish of if one of my kids are whining that their supper is taking too long.

I’ve had to change the way I grocery shop, because we eat little to no processed food and bags and bags of fresh vegetables, I can no longer do a monthly shop and have to shop sometimes as much as twice a week to keep us properly stocked with the fresh foods we need.


Colds & flu… nope! Don’t get that anymore. Since I stopped eating wheat based products, I no longer struggle with winter sniffles. At all. And when you consider that Hannah is in her first year at school and has a running nose and is a general snot factory every second week this winter, this is pretty amazing. In fact (please block your ears Murphy) aside from Hannah’s immune system taking a hammering during this her first year at school, none of us have been ill in our family. (I literally just gave the biggest sneeze as I finished typing that!)

Sugar…. its sickly. I can’t have it anywhere near my coffee or tea, it totally ruins the flavor and when we do have baked goods in our house or at the office, I can smell the sickly sweetness from a mile away.

Banting breads/cakes etc…. You really don’t need it. Of course, we do use these products on occasion, but they no longer feature as regular food items in our home.

Expense… the more experienced banter I’ve become the cheaper it has become as I’m no longer needing or using all the expensive banting alternatives. It’s just not necessary. I’ve also found that keeping my food simple is the key.

This month I started a bit of a #fat2fab recharge challenge, we have official weight in tomorrow and in spite of everything this month, I have still managed to lose 2kg’s so I’m pleased my weight is heading back down in the right direction!

Happy banting!