A couple of weeks ago, I received the most beautiful press drop to celebrate the launch of Barni, a delicious playful bear shaped sponge cake with a yummy hidden chocolate centre, ideal for kids aged 3 and older, or like, you know, parents who sneak in their kids treats after the kids have gone to bed (which I can neither confirm nor deny, I myself may have done) , which my children attacked and devoured in minutes. Even Ava, who is highly suspicious of new foods loved the bear shaped sponge cake.


My girls loved Barni, I think they found his teddybear shape a novelty and the shape makes it easy for little hands to hold. In addition, Barni is perfectly sized for kiddies lunch and snack boxes, comes individually wrapped,  contains no trans fats, preservatives or colourants and the main ingredients are eggs, flour, milk and chocolate, basically everything little kids love.

Barni Wrapper Open 3D

Barni has been available in South Africa since October 2015 and is available in single units for R5.99 or in a bulk box of 5 for R27.99 at all leading super markets.

Barni 150g Outer Open 3D

Keep your eye out for the new TV commercial to celebrate Barni’s arrival in South Africa too, or… you know… you could just watch this delightful ad right here! There’s a chocolate river and everything… yum!

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be giving away some beautiful Barni picnic hampers in the weeks ahead!

Barni with Butterfly