According to Dove, nearly three quarters of girls (71%) feel pressure to be beautiful, but are less likely to let anxiety about looks hold them back if they feel they have a positive role model. I’ve never been more aware of this since I started my banting, health and fitness journey more than a year ago. My journey has, most notably affected Ava, in both positive and negative ways.

On the one hand, she has become very conscious of how important her health is. Of how good it feels to be active and to be strong. And I’m proud of that. On the other hand, she’s become VERY aware that being overweight is unattractive and ugly. She will often pull her t-shirt up and say to me: “Look mom, look how thin I am, I don’t ever want to be fat!” She’s FIVE! Why is she even thinking about this already? How she is even aware of all of this at FIVE? The answer is me! It’s all me, the good things and the bad things have all been learned from me.

Like most women, I am very aware of the parts of my body that I like and dislike. I hate my big teeth, I hate the loose skin on my neck, I hate the lines on my forehead, I hate my large arms and my unshaped legs, I hate the loose skin on my stomach, I hate my grey hairs that are sprouting out of my head and my eyebrows, I hate my frizzy hair and my thin lips. I like my dimples, I like my eyes and believe it or not, I like my small boobs, I also like that I’m so tall.

I worry about how all these likes and dislikes will impact on my girls? Both Ava and Hannah, Ava because she’s already so aware. Hannah because, well because everyone is ALWAYS commenting on how beautiful Ava is and I worry about the impact that will have on Hannah when she’s older and she understands and she notices the comments.

It’s a silly #selfie or is it an #ussie

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I took the #BeautyLegacy kit from Dove and wrote some positive affirmations just for my girls!


You can learn more about the Dove #BeautyLegacy campaign by following them on Twitter and Face Book or simply watch the video below.

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