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On Friday, it was exactly two years since Hannah joined our family. Two years, since Walter and I went to court, sat in front of the magistrate of the children’s court, promised and signed that we would be the very best parents we could be for our precious little Hannah Faith. From there, we headed off to the place of safety to meet our baby girl.



And that memorable meeting would ultimately make me a mom of two, Walter, a dad of two and our sweet little Ava-Grace, the best big sister.



And while it was a tremendously memorable and special time, there is one thing that doesn’t change about parenting and being a mom. Whether you’re a first time mom or mom to a herd of sprogs, a mom via adoption or a mom to a biological child, step mom, second mom, bio mom, single mom.

Whatever kind of mom you are, there is one thing we all share in…. the worry!

Am I doing the best for my child? Is she eating a well balanced diet? Is she getting in all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that a growing child needs? As a busy working mom, I also worry about whether or not she’s getting enough stimulation for her development, whether I’m doing enough in terms of free play, versus screen time and other crafting activities so that she has the best chance to grow up to be the best that she can be.

Being a Mom is… the most rewarding and worrisome time for me.

Being a mom is:

“Every day, your child’s appetite for learning increases. And every day, you grow prouder of your little explorer’s development. Being a mom means you have the world’s most fulfilling job. Your role is to participate in that development: to love, nurture, encourage and applaud every little step. Science proves that when it comes to the learning process, your love and stimulation can make all the difference. – Nido”

Such a true statement for me. Because I worry, I worry a lot, about whether I’m up for the challenge, whether I’m good enough to help growing these little sponges of learning, into the best they can be. Thankfully, Nestlé NIDO 3+ have launched a a series of learning apps, designed by child development experts, in conjunction with scientists at the Nestlé Research Centre, to help me and you stimulate our children’s development in 5 crucial areas of learning – memory, language, attention, problem solving and pyschomotor skills.



StimuLearn Programme consists of 6 integrated Apps. Five Game Apps based on the 5 cognitive pillars to support children’s learning and one Mother App to monitor the child’s progress. The apps are available for free for both iOS and Android.

In addition, Nestlé NIDO 3+ recently launched their very own social community pages, packed full of useful information for both new and seasoned parents, whether is nutrition advice you’re looking for, child friendly events, or fun. indoor activities to do in the long winter months that lie ahead, you’ll find everything you need right there on the NIDO Kids webpage.


Also be sure to follow Nestlé Nido 3+ on Face Book and Twitter and check out the all competitions and give away’s they’ll be running over the coming weeks ahead of Mother’s Day!

Nestlé NIDO 3+ is a growing-up milk (GUM) formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of your pre-schooler, enhanced with branded active ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals.



P.S. You need to have a South African iTunes account in order to download the apps, Ava nagged the hell out of me all weekend to set up the account so that she could get playing, but she did have loads of fun with the kit that NIDO 3+ sent us!