One of the topics I’m so often asked about is banting. All things low carb high fat. How I did it, lose 35kg’s in 11 months, what I eat, where I find recipes. So I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite resources from all over the www, right here in a single blog post.

First of all, if you want to learn how to follow the lchf lifestyle, I’d high recommend the Real Meal Revolution’s beginners course. The 5 week banting program will give you all the knowledge you need through video lectures and notes. You’ll also have access to cooking lessons, shopping lists and meal plans as well as tracking tools and a community equipped to support and encourage you. Click here to find out more. 

Then, if you haven’t already, you really do want to get your hands on copies of The Real Meal Revolution and Raising Superheroes. Both of these books have been massively informative and helpful for me. The recipes are quick, easy to follow and totally delicious!

Real Meal Revolution

Another book worth mentioning include Low Carb Is Lekker. Full of delicious, simple meals and recipe ideas.

Low Carb Is Lekker

I’ve also found it really helpful to follow a number of dedicated low carb and low carb high fat Face Book pages that prompt me with daily inspiration. Some of the ones worth mentioning include:

Low Carb Yum
Low Carb Yum
The Banting Betty
Banting Betty
The Banting Diet
The Banting Diet/Banting Basics

Then there are low carb experts that dish out great advice and inspiration along with great recipes and ideas.

Number one on my list is Diet Doctor, Dr. Eenfeldt went searching online for a better way to treat common and apparently life-long problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. What he found shocked him.

There was another way, a way that did not just focus on drugs to cover up the symptoms of disease. People had known about this for decades, perhaps even centuries. New science proved that it worked – it was for real.

But this other way did not match old preconceptions about healthy lifestyles. The food and pharmaceutical industries would lose tons of money if it was adapted. And many health experts would look stupid and lose prestige. Thus this promising alternative was ignored, ridiculed or actively resisted.


Diet Doctor
Diet Doctor

The Sugar Free Revolution is also massively helpful because until we can understand and acknowledge sugar addiction, it is VERY difficult to follow a lchf lifestyle. 

The Sugar Free Revolution


Karen ThomsonKaren has 8 years of experience working at The Harmony Addictions Group in Hout Bay, Cape Town. She founded HELP: Harmony Eating & Lifestyle Program, the first sugar and carb inpatient addiction program using Low Carb High Fat nutritional approach, with Prof Tim Noakes in 2013. Her passion lies in identifying the deep-seated interest in the relationship between people’s self-belief and their addictions and assisting them in empowering themselves in body, mind and spirit.

She is also the author of the bestselling book ‘Sugar Free: 8 weeks to freedom from sugar and carb addiction’ which was published by Jonathan Ball Publishers in February 2015.

The success of HELP and her background in food addiction inspired her to initiate the inaugural Old Mutual Health Convention in Cape Town, in February 2015. The Convention sought to bring healthy eating habits to the forefront of global nutrition.

Then there is Sally-Ann Creed. I’ve personally met this amazing lady, a nutritional therapist, who really inspired me with her own story of how eating clean, real food revolutionized her life. She is also a contributing author in The Real Meal Revolution and her Face Book page is filled with helpful tips and her nutritional products are fabulous, and include everything banters would want, including ready made banting bread mixes, sugar substitutes and cooking aids.

Sally-Ann Creed

I also follow The Banting Blondes on Face Book and Instagram. Their feed is packed full of inspiration and ideas for delicious and out of the ordinary LCHF eating.

The Banting Blondes
The Banting Blondes

We are! Roxane Hayward is a proudly South African actress, model and singer, and Julia Pietersma is a Pilates instructor – both living and working between London and South Africa. We both work in physically demanding careers where being in shape and healthy is a top priority; hence our starting this low carb, high fat way of eating in order to achieve and maintain our goal physique. 

We noticed that it is extremely hard to find exciting Banting recipes and Banting friendly products (What is Banting?), so we decided to take matters into our own  manicured hands and create original delicious eats and healthy treats. This made the lifestyle change a much easier transition – something that we wanted to share with other Banters out there!

And so was born… The Banting Blondes!

Then, there are the documentaries that shook me to my core and anyone interested in healthy, clean, real eating should watch! 

Ceriel Killers!

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Hungry For Change!

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Fed Up!

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All of these documentaries can be watched on Netflix and they will enlighten and shock you to the core!

Also look for The Men Who Made Us Fat by the BBC, it’s a fascinating look at what happens when marketing and sales collide with the food industry.

You can also buy Lose It, a bi monthly magazine dedicated to all things banting and lchf. It’s available just about everywhere and comes packed full  with loads of inspiration and ideas. 


Lose It Magazine
Lose It

There are also a lot of Face Book support groups which I used a lot in the beginning of my journey to get support and encouragement but they can become tiresome with a lot of bickering and one upping but they still are beneficial if you need the help and support.

You can read my full banting story and find my recipes and tips for banting here: Fat2Fab

My story was featured in the December 2014 edition of Fat Loss.

I hope that this blog post has been helpful? If you’re following LCHF and banting and think I’ve left off something or someone important, please share here with me.