Did you ever wish that cleansing your face was not such a mission? I wear makeup almost daily and I’m a contact lens wearer so this a never-ending struggle for me. But Bionike Defence Tolerance Essential Cleansing Water has granted my wish! It’s a really smart, one-stop cleaning marvel that is quick, easy and gentle on the skin. 

I’ve always battled with cleansers/makeup removers. I find that they’re either too oily, which wreaks havoc with my sensitive, contact lens wearing eyes, or they simply don’t remove my makeup properly.

Introducing BionikeDefence Tolerance Essential Cleansing Water

I’ve written about Bionike products before, here & here.

This skin-rebalancing cleanser has no harsh surfactants and is based on a formulation that has very few ingredients. It’s ideal for cleansing and removing make-up from particularly delicate and sensitive skin. It also preserves the hydrolipid skin barrier which helps to prevent skin irritation, like redness and flaking. Ophthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes and is also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Three Ways To Use Bionike Defence Tolerance Essential Cleansing Water:

  • Because of its dual function, as both a cleanser and makeup remover, you can choose to either simply wipe it off or rinse it off.
  • I love using it as a double cleanse after particularly long, hot days when my skins feels especially oily and my make up feels like it’s melting. So I use the Cleansing Water and rinse off before applying my regular milky cleanser.
  • It’s also great for cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges. 

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Disclaimer – I was sent the product to try but loved it so much I wanted to share it.