If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will know that I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have been every shape & size and I’ve tried literally every single weight loss program and lifestyle with varying degrees of success.  Today I embark on a new journey with Body Goals.

Why Body Goals?

While I have struggled with my weight almost my entire adult life, I have never struggled with my health. But, as the saying goes, you can’t outrun a bad diet, and with the big 50 fast approaching, that couldn’t be truer for me. I could give you a million reasons why I’ve gained so much weight over the past year, starting a business and sinking every spare moment of time into building it, losing a close family member, and then just 3 months later, my brother death means that I’ve literally eaten my grief over the past 6 months, surviving a pandemic and all the changes that brought to our lives. But the simple truth and the common denominator in all of those reasons is that I simply stopped prioritising my health and my wellness and now I have to deal with the fallout of that.  I’m officially the heaviest I’ve been in my entire life AND I now also have a delightful case of high blood pressure!

About Body Goals

One of the first things that I noticed about Body Goals, aside from the fact that this program is designed by women, for women and the unique journeys we go on with our bodies throughout our lives,  was the experts behind the program. On their team, they have a Biokinetics, a Registered Dietitian, a Qualified Personal Trainer with a specialty in functional fitness and another whose specialty is strength training, a Physiotherapist and a Doctor.

The second thing that I noted and that was really important to me is the fact that they don’t use a one size fits all approach. So many of these programs available say they are fully customizable but they’re not really, they just squeeze you into one of their boxes and churn out a program for you. Body Goals uses a series of quizzes to best determine the right exercise and eating program for you. So, as a woman fast approaching 50, while other programs would churn out an eating plan and exercise regime that everyone from aged 18 to aged 70 is required to do, Body Goals took into account the fact that I am approaching 50, that my goals are different what they were even just 10 years ago and that because I am perimenopausal, my dietary requirements are different.

About My Program

I took the Body Goals quiz and because of my age and where I’m currently at in my fitness journey, I am starting with the Fit & Tone 1 program, designed by Physiotherapist Elna Esterhuyse, trainer Ria Roux and dietitian Melissa Nel and is a fitness & nutrition program for beginners aged 50+.

Fit & Tone 1 is specifically designed to give you the tools you need to start your fitness journey whilst highlighting the importance of following healthy habits.

I also took the quiz for my eating plan. I love that this is not one of those ridiculous, restrictive calorie eating plans. After taking the quiz, I selected the standard eating plan that allows for 1800 calories a day. They have  a range of eating plans to choose from and each eating plan is customized to where you are at in your health and fitness journey.

Also really important to me is that their eating plans are all based around the 80/20 principal and all the meal suggestions and food types are clean meals. There are so many programs around that focus on calorie deficits and while that make work for some people, it will wreck havoc on my already failing health.

I need good health more than I need to be a certain size! 

For me, this journey is about so much more than weight loss. My goals have changed as I’ve gotten older, now my goals are longevity, good health and strength, and flexibility and I believe that the Body Goals program is the best designed program to give me all of that.

So I start my Body Goals journey TODAY!

Would you like to join me?

One of the biggest issues I have with so many of the programs currently available is that so often, these programs are SO expensive and cost should never be a barrier to good health.

You can get a 6 week Body Goals program for under R800! And I have a discount code for you so you can get an additional 20% off your program.

Head over to Body Goals, take the quiz, select your exercise program, select your eating plan and use the code KweenB on checkout to get 20%!

I’ll be sharing my progress over on InstagramInstagram. Make sure you’re following me!

Disclaimer – I was given the exercise and eating plans in exchange for sharing my experience.