Grade R… it’s a big step up from Kindergarten. Ava has learned so much this year and I’m astounded by the stuff she knows, the information she’s absorbed and the skills she’s learning this year.

She’s 5 you guys! FIVE! And already learning to read and write and do basic mathematics. When I was 5 I’m not even sure I had mastered the skill of using scissors properly but here is my kid, writing her name, her sisters name, our names, reading and doing basic maths and best of all, she LOVES it, especially the mathematics. Her teacher informed us at our parenting teacher meeting at the end of this term that she has shown a natural inclination to mathematics and not only excels at it, but she really enjoys doing it…. good thing she’s got none of my genes right?

Ava has always loved to have stories read to her and now she’s starting to want to read stories to herself so these holidays we visited our local Readers Warehouse and picked up some real gems to not only keep her busy and entertained these holidays, but also to keep her practicing her new found, reading, writing, mathematics skills.

She loves this one: Flip-Flap Spell ‘n Learn, she’s currently using the 3 letter one and really enjoying it.



Choose a picture from all the colourful illustrations. Flip through the letter cards until you have spell the 3 letter word correctly. Turn to the answer pages at the end to check if you have spelt the words correctly.

She’s using this one: Letterland – Β Handwriting Practice 2

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What I love with the Letterland books is that it teachers her the alphabet and writing the letters using the same technique they’re using at school so she knows A is Annie Apple, K is Kicking King etc and she loves this. So we not only use the books to practice letters, but also to help her remember her alphabet and to recognize letters.

Of course, her favorite one by far is thisΒ Home Workbook Addition to 10

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It’s an entry level addition book but it’s also presents the additions in different ways so she’s not just learning to count, but to work out the problems along the way by presenting the same maths question in different ways throughout the book.

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I was really impressed with the great selection of educational books at our local Readers Warehouse and Ava is really have fun with these!

You can view the full ranges of Home Workbook & Letterland books online and you’ll find the Flip-Flap Spell ‘n Learn here too.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, just some great finds that I thought I’d share with you.