JOKES! I’ve actually started using CBD oil! Well, I guess that is Cannabis right or a derivative? How weird to be writing about something that would have been considered highly illegal just a few years ago. And to be honest, it’s been a slow dawning, how my mind has been changed about the use of Cannabis for health purposes. There is more and more research going into the use of cannabis and more and more evidence pointing towards its uses for general health. The days of it being considered a recreational drug for potheads are over.

CBD Oil Benefits

I went in search of some confirmed benefits and there seem to be so many, including improved risks of cardiovascular disease, reducing cholesterol and improving type 2 diabetes, natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, drug withdrawals, epilepsy, aiding in the fight against cancer, anxiety disorders, skin disorders, Alzheimers, depression and insomnia.

And then I watched the Netflix documentary – Weed The People and somewhere between crying my eyes out and feeling encouraged, I decided to give it a go.

My Experience

So somewhere in the last year, I have lost my way with good health, even after I quit smoking and dramatically reduced my alcohol intake, I started struggling with my weight, I’ve developed horrendous insomnia, have lower back pain and generally just feeling unwell and fatigued all the time. I’ve had a full checkup and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, aside from a Vitamin D deficiency and perimenopause.

So I decided to give it a go! And I can share from my own personal experience and experimentation, I don’t like any of the products that contain THC, so far, I had, what I can only describe as a psychedelic out-of-body experience a couple of months ago after trying out some CBD Oil that contained high doses of THC. It was HORRIBLE! I’ve since tried a few other products with lowered doses of THC but I still did not enjoy the feeling and the effect leaves me feeling anxious which makes my insomnia even worse. So I went in search of CBD Oil that contains zero THC.

And I’ve been using CIBDOL Oil for the past two weeks now with no weird effects. If anything, I’ve started sleeping better and I’ve definitely had a reduction in pain, which was also part of why I’ve been sleeping so badly lately.

I’m very encouraged by my results so far and hoping that I continue to have such good sleep and less pain. But I’ll keep you posted.

Would you consider, or have you tried cannabis products?

Have they helped? What effects have you noticed?

Disclaimer – I am sharing my own personal experience and in no way advising anyone. If you are interested in trying medical cannabis products, you should consult a healthcare professional first. 


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