There is one recipe my mom was especially famous for amongst my school friends… her Chocolate Squares which she made for every one of my birthday parties and every one of my school bake sales. They were flop proof, decadent and delicious and always a winner. And for a very long time, I forgot all about this delicious little bit of chocolate heaven… that is until we attended one of Ava’s school friends birthday parties and there they were… chocolate squares and they still had the same effect on me, I couldn’t stop eating them!

So I asked my mom for her famous recipe and Ava and I made them last week. They are still an absolute winner! They still require that everyone involved in their preparation MUST lick out the bowl…. adults and children alike!

chocolate squares ava


So here you go… You have to make these… the most delicious little bit of chocolate heaven!


  1. 250gms marg or butter
  2. 1pkt icing sugar(500gms)
  3. 1pkt marie biscuits
  4. 1egg
  5. 2 level Tablespoons cocoa
  6. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence



  1. Melt butter over LOW heat
  2. Add beaten egg( do slowly as the egg will curdle thats why butter must be melted over LOW heat)
  3. Next add sifted i.cing sugar and cocoa
  4. Mix till smooth
  5. Add vanilla and broken biscuits
  6. Stir gently till all biscuits are coated.
  7. Grease baking tray and spread mix in tin( I line my tray with lunch paper as it is easy to get biscuits out
  8. Place in fridge.
  9. When set cut into squares.

And now enjoy…..

chocolate squares