With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things that I’m hoping I’ll find under my Christmas tree this year or that I will be adding as gifts for my family and friends. So here are my Christmas gift ideas:

And yes, dear husband, this list is JUST for you!

VICHY Thermal Spa Water

A beauty water for sensitive skin, rich in rare, beneficial minerals. Perfect of soothing and refreshing skin.

I feel like I need a lifetime supply of this Thermal Spa Water so that I can use it cool my skin and to provide some relief from my permanently-idling-in-pre-heated-oven body temperatures!

Find out more here.




Moon & Night Sky Pandora Charm

How beautiful is this charm from Pandora? I am obsessed with it and would love to add it to my Pandora charm collection.

Find out more about it here.





The Full Set of Ginologist Gins

Because who wouldn’t want to drink all these delicious gins?

I’ve really started enjoying my gin weekend drinks over the past year and of all the delicious, local, craft gins I’ve tasted so far, the award-winning Ginogist is still my best and I’d love to stock up all the gins in their range.

More WOW Jude Cloths

Because I feel like I need one for every day of the week and each time I buy a bunch, I land up giving them away to family and friends because everyone needs to have a Wow Jude cloth in their beauty regime.

Best of all, you can now buy your Wow Jude cloths online here.





An Instant Pot

Because girl, if you really don’t understand how much you need an Instant Pot until you have an Instant Pot.

Also, if you can’t wait until Christmas, I have it on good authority that the Instant Pot is going to be on amazing black Friday deals with Takealot and At Home, so make sure you’re following them and Instant Pot.



Anything from Janine Binneman

I love literally everything designed and created by Janine Binneman and I would love to own a custom piece from her (hint husband) but I also love these Baby Bling NecklacesBaby Bling Necklaces.

I’m thinking of a white gold A and a pink gold H for my girls.





Kheper Tights

I’ve been following Kheper on social media for a while now and I swear I’m obsessed with their high waisted gym tights. I feel like all my efforts with pilates and running these past few months should be rewarded with a pair of these gym tights!







Canon Zoemini Photo Printer

I’ve been lusting after one of these for ages. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous and unnecessary but I love taking photos with my phone and would love to be able to print them! This nifty little printer connects directly to your phone! How awesome?



A Beauty Professionals Gift Voucher

I was recently invited to enjoy a pamper session at Beauty Professionals, watch this space, I still need to share that experience with you, but I was so blown away by the experience that I would LOVE a gift voucher for one of their Intensive Advanced Facials. The facial I had there a couple of weeks ago was one of the best facials I’ve ever had.

Other Gift Ideas

I asked my friends on Facebook and Instagram what was on their Christmas wishlists this year and got such a mixed array of ideas, everything from Yankee Candles and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Miracle Cream to robot vacuums.

What is on your Christmas wishlist?