I did it!

I did 4 days of the egg  fast and it was fabulous! I had such great results and after finding I Breathe I’m Hungry, I discovered some incredible recipes too! 

Check These Out:

Here’s a video, sharing my experience of the egg fast, check it out!

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I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or a dietitian. Please watch the video for more information! This is simply me sharing my experience of the egg fast, it is in no way meant to replace medical information!

For those of you who asked, you can find a great meal plan here:


As of this past weekend I have switched back to regular low carb high fat. Just as a side note, for those of you who still don’t know what an LCHF diet is, it’s a LOW carb diet, not a NO carb diet. 

Now, just to shed that final 7kg’s still hanging about from 2016!