Do you wear contact lenses? Have you heard of Contact Lens Club? I’ve been using their service since 2018 and can confidently say they are phenomenal. I love their service even more since lockdown because they’re super convenient and easy to use.

About Contact Lens Club

The website is super easy to use. You can shop for a wide range of lenses, including monthlies or dailies, choose your brand, select the size pack you want, I always shop dailies and 90 day packs, input your prescription, note that you do need to have a valid prescription in order to purchase online, this is required by law, but your optometrist will be able to email you your prescription. Add in your delivery address, make your payment and your lenses will be on their way to you without you even having to get in your car and drive anywhere! It’s MAGIC I tell you.

Benefits Of Contact Lens Club

I mean, aside from the simplicity of the ordering process and the absolute convenience, matched with outstanding service, Contact Lens Club also offers free delivery and a best price guarantee. Even better, they are medical aid approved or you can purchase your lenses on credit.

I’ve always been blown away by their service, just last week I placed my order, on Wednesday last week and it was delivered to my door before 8am on Monday morning and that’s with a public holiday in the middle that slowed the process down. Usually,I get delivery within 2 days of placing my order.

Refer A Friend

Even better, if you refer a friend, you get a free box of lenses!

If you’d like to order, make sure you use my code:Β ZNMΒ Β 697

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Disclaimer – I was sent a set of free lenses in exchange for this post.Β