I know this is a debate that so many parents have –  when should our kids get a smartphone? And I know one of the biggest issues for a lot of us, is entrusting our feral children with a piece of tech that probably cost more than our first cars. Well, more than my first car anyway, way back in 1989! So let me introduce you to the CUBOT KingKong Mini – the toughest little smartphone that packs a punch.

CUBOT KingKong Mini

This is a little phone that is packed full of features. There is a bunch of tech stuff about the phone that my husband was most excited about but honestly, it meant nothing to Ava or I, like the fact that the phone runs on Android, has a dual nano sim, 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, Micro SD card slot up to 128GB, is 4G enabled, with Bluetooth 4.2, great battery life and uses facial recognition and/or G sensor.

If you’re a techie perhaps that would excite you?

But here is what excited me:

The CUBOT KingKong Mini is super strong and fall resistant. So far less likely to fall apart after crashing to the ground in the hands of a clumsy child. The phone has a rubber-like plastic surface, metal side panels, and visible screws that are intended to visually emphasize the stability of the phone, the phone just looks robust and in addition, it is also dust resistant and waterproof.

The phone is also small, only 10cm in length so super handy for little and as my husband has pointed out, also ideal for dad’s who enjoy a spot of running or mountain biking over the weekend and need a small, tough phone that can be tucked into running belts or saddlebags. The only downside of the phones’ small size is that someone with giant sausages for fingers may battle with the phone. That’s why it’s ideal for kids. Well, that and the fact that kids have the ability to destroy everything they touch, except perhaps this tough little phone.

Saving the best of last.

The best part of the CUBOT KingKong Mini is the ridiculous price! ONLY R2 999! Best of all, you can get a 15% discount of your CUBOT KingKong Mini when purchasing it online and using this discount code: #CUBOTSHARON

Disclaimer – we were gifted a CUBOT KingKong Mini for the purposes of this review.