There’s this weird thing that has happened since I started my new job……..

Struggling to find the motivation to write!

Yes, after more than 8 years writing my blog. My writing mojo, my desire to write and share and create has all but left me. I’m not really sure why, I think it’s a combination of things. I think it’s largely to do with the fact that my new job is fulfilling some part of me that was lacking in the past. I also think that I have a lot less time in inside my head these days. My new job keeps me busy. So VERY VERY busy, that most days, I’m shocked to discover that the first time I check the time, it’s 3pm and almost an entire day has passed. An entire day where I’ve not had a single moment to read an interact on social media or to get inspired and sucked into my own head. There is little to no time for my brain to wander off into its self and get lost in thought.

I really don’t want to force my writing. If it doesn’t come easily or comfortably, then I’d rather not do it. If my blog becomes a chore to write, then I’m pretty sure it will become a chore to read too.

So while I wait for inspiration to strike, here are a few of my favourite finds.

Hey Casey!

Have you checked out the Hey Casey! online store yet? OMG! The most gorgeous and reasonably priced, fashion phone covers ever! A friend introduced me to the site a couple of weeks ago and now I want EVERYTHING! I placed my first order last week Wednesday and was so pleasantly surprised when I received my delivery on Friday. Two days from start to finish and with regular shipping updates too! 


Ava has literally outgrown EVERYTHING in her cupboard during the two or three short months of Jozi winter. She has NO summer clothes and so this past weekend, I took her off for a bit of a shopping spree. I’d seen on Twitter quite a few people mentioning Jet and so I decided to check in there first. What I found blew me away.

Not only did they have a fantastic range of appropriate girls clothes, but with such strong and positive messages too. And so very well priced. You guys, I’m cheap when it comes to my own clothing. I don’t like to spend a lot of money and I have a very specific style. I am not a T-shirts and takkies kind of girls. I’m just not. But I managed to get a really nice selection of tops and shoes for work, for myself too. Again at really ridiculous prices. Best of all, the quality of the clothing was so much better than I expected. 

Skin Creamery

I’ve blogged before about my fairly new discovery of Skin Creamery products, but honestly, there are two products in their range that I’ve become a little obsessed with. Their Oil Milk Cleanser is THE BOMB! Nothing gently cleanses my face the way this product does. I use it morning and night and it’s FANTASTIC for removing make up too! I actually need to make a video to show you guys how well this product gently removes my make up, even my mascara and liquid eye liner. It’s incredible. I’m also crazy about their Skin Tonic. It refreshes my skin after cleansing and really helps prepare it to absorb the oils and creams I apply after cleansing. You have got to try it

The Rare Bear Project

I was so touched by the beautifully hand written note and package I received for Ava and Hannah last week from Rare Diseases South Africa to promote awareness of their Rare Bear Project.

Rare Diseases South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organization assisting all patients affected by rare diseases to access life-saving treatment and supportive care for improved quality of life.

The Rare Bear Project is a community based with KyaKids, creating employment and upliftment to the women of Kya Sands. This is what they have to say about the project:

For our 2nd birthday, we decided that we wanted to commission bears for our paediatric patients so that they could have a friend that was all theirs to be with them through their journeys of survival.

BUT, we didn’t want perfect bears, or for our bears to be the same. We wanted BEARS that were RARE. So, we engaged with our friends at KyaKids, a community project run by the Bryanston Bible Church, which upskills woman of the community. Together, we have trained the ladies to crotchet, and now our project has 54 ladies employed full-time making rare bears.

You can support the project, by either purchasing your own Rare Bear or donating a Rare Bear to a child supported by RDSA who needs a little comfort and support during treatment of their rare disease. And they’re damn cute too!

What are some of your recent favourite finds?