Brought To You By Epson South Africa.

For the past week, I’ve been putting the Epson L800 printer through it’s paces after the folks at Epson loaned it to me after the #EsponMomsRock photography course I did a couple of weeks ago and I am totally sold on this printer, I really really really want it!


In the past week, I’ve printed photo’s for my girls memory boxes, photo’s from their birth day with bio mom’s, photo’s from placement and court day, photo’s I have saved and backed up onto external hard drives, Google drives, Drop shots, you name it, I’ve been terrified of something happening to these pics and now I’ve printed a set for each girl and put into a little album to include in their memory boxes.

I’m also in the process of creating a photo album of Ava’s life, which I plan to give to her birth mom when I see her on Monday next week (that’s a blog post all in itself for another day). In the past two days, I’ve gone through two boxes of 4×6 photographic paper which I purchased for R149 for 70 sheets on special I got an additional box free at Incredible Connection. I just know that Irma is going to love this keep sake I’ve created for her. The quality of the prints are as good as if I’d had them printed at a photo printing lab.

photo (17)

I’ve also printed out loads of A4 sized pictures from the various photo shoots we’ve had in the past with the intention of creating a photo wall of various styled frames when we move into our new house early next year.


Tanya over at Rattle & Mum wrote a great technical review on the Espon Ink Tank printers, which yo u can read here: Reviewed: Printing Out Pictures With Epson

I will say that I am really impressed, the quality of the prints is fantastic, in addition, the ink tank system is VERY affordable, can print approximately 1800 photo’s @ R0.60 per print and is inexpensive and easy to refill. Β The model I am using, the L800 retails for around R3400 and it also prints CD’s.

I really really really want this printer…. Santa Claus (Walter) are you reading this???? I’ve been a good girl and this is DEF No. 1 on my Christmas wishlist!