A few week’s ago, I was stoked to discover that I had been chosen as the winner of a Beauty Bulletin IG competition to review the Elizabeth Arden Prevage range!


Congratulations to today’s #BBReviewRecruit @blessedbarrenness who will be reviewing today’s products!

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The products I received included:

So what did I think? Well here’s a quick video to tell you:

Here’s a bit more detail, starting with my favorite product first:

PREVAGE® Anti-aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30 PA++

PREVAGE® works immediately to moisturise and improve the appearance of dry, sun damaged skin, creating a brighter, more radiant look. 95% of consumers tested reported softer, smoother skin.**

I loved this lotion. Because I am very prone to combination T-Zone, but still with tell tale signs of ageing dehydration, this lotion was lovely on my skin. It was light enough not to make me look like an oil slick half way through the day, but hydrating enough to work on my troublesome dehydrated areas too. I also loved that it has a built in sun protection.

PREVAGE® Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum

Environmental stress causes ageing twice as fast. Our breakthrough correcting serum improves fine lines and lifting within 15 minutes and keeps working to counteract damage and visible ageing signs with our best anti-ageing technology ever.

I have a lot of tell tale aging signs on my skin, aside from the general fine lines and dehydration, I also have some sun damage and pigmentation in all the traditional places women show their age on their skin. I did feel like the serum worked wonders on improving my skins tone and evenness and that my highly pigmented areas seemed soothed and calmed and less noticeable.

The packaging of this product is beautiful, but I did find the serum quite thick in comparison to traditional serums and as a result, it wasn’t always easy getting the necessary amount out of the drop at the time of application.

PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 30 PA++

The power of PREVAGE® now in an anti-aging foundation. Our unique Idebenone complex protects skin from environmental assaults to diminish visible aging signs. Vitamin C and key anti-aging ingredients correct skin’s appearance for a firmer, clearer look. Moisture-rich hydra-pigments flawlessly even skin tone for luminous skin perfection that lasts all day.

I had the foundation in shade 04 and it was perfect for my skin. The foundation is light and gives a beautiful luminous finish. For me personally I prefer a more coverage from a foundation, but that’s just a personal preference. The foundation was long wearing and long lasting and I think it’s idea for women who prefer a light, more luminous foundation. It’s become my go to foundation for weekends when I want a more natural, less made up look.

The results….

I think my complexion looks smoother and brighter. And I’m happy with the products and the results so far.

On a personal note!

I prefer to use products that are certified cruelty free. When I researched this topic, Elizabeth Arden corporate seem to be vague, this is what I took from their corporate website:


Elizabeth Arden, Inc. shares your concern about the use of animals in safety testing and is committed to eliminating the need for animal testing. We are equally committed to the health and safety of consumers and to creating products that comply with the laws of all countries where our products are sold. We do not perform any animal tests on our product formulations or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except in the rare instances where required by law. These laws apply to every company in the beauty industry that sells products globally, and Elizabeth Arden, like all other global beauty companies, must comply with any applicable local laws.

To avoid the use of tests on animals, our product development team selects raw materials with well-established safety records and uses extensive ingredient databases. Our product safety testing includes the use of non-animal studies and clinical tests on volunteers. We take great pride in our product safety record.

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the necessity for animal testing globally. We work closely with our industry and the scientific community around the world to actively support our industry’s sharing of scientific data and to support and fund research programs to develop and validate non-animal alternatives for product testing.

We thank you for the opportunity to state our position and hope you will continue to enjoy Elizabeth Arden products with confidence.

I tried to research further but couldn’t find anything conclusive, so I’ll go with what PETA has to say for now:

PETA has also repeatedly contacted a number of other companies that refuse to reveal their animal testing policies. These companies—which should not be considered cruelty-free until they make a clear statement on animal testing—include the following:

Elizabeth Arden was on the list. Of course, this was posted in 2013 so I’m not sure if it has changed since then. I certainly hope it has because these are fabulous products!