On the 6th January 2014, I joined the #fat2fab challenge and it has had the most profound impact on my life, my health and my body. I could never have guessed almost a year ago to the day, that I would win the challenge, or the R17 000 in the kitty. But I did. The challenge was about so much more than just winning and I believe it was a key factor in my successful weight loss over the past year. It held me accountable & kept me focused and I am forever grateful to Get Slim and my friends who participated in the challenge for walking every step of the journey with me.

The 2014 challenge ended officially on the 16th December. At the time, I weighted 85.6kg’s and was the slimmest and healthiest I’d been in more than a decade.

Then the festive season hit…..

It was braai’s and parties and socializing and fun and I gained weight. I did not pig out on anything, and aside from Christmas day, I did not over eat, the simple fact is I CANNOT eat carbs. They have a hugely negative impact on my weight and my health.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gained 6kg’s and my IBS and painful joints have returned. The difference this time is that I’m no longer defeated by my battle of the bulge and I know what works for me and how to fix it.

I picked myself up by the boot straps on Thursday, 1st January, relieved to have the festive season and festive eating over and done with and got back onto the banting wagon. Since then I’ve dropped a couple of kg’s and have a couple more to go to get back to my #fat2fab winning weight. My IBS went away within 24 hours and my knees are feeling a million times better already. Carbs and sugar… its simple, it’s poison for me!

What was different this festive season to previous years is that the entire way through the festive season, I was feeling very stressed about my weight and my diet. In the past, I’ve been so defeated by obesity that I never gave it much thought, I just accepted that I was fat and that was that. But this time it’s so different and I’m so relieved to be back on track.

I’m super chuffed that I’ve convinced our friends to continue on with the #fat2fab challenge in 2015. It will work slightly differently this time as both Walter and I are very close to goal weight so the idea is to just keep ourselves accountable to each other with monthly weigh in’s and sharing of weights and BMI’s. This really helped me the last time and I plan to use it to my advantage again this time. I am really hoping to hit goal weight in the next couple of months and then to maintain for the remainder of the year.

One thing is for sure… I don’t EVER want to go back to 118kg’s again. I never want to feel or look like that again and I’m determined to keep at it!

We’ve decided this year for the #fat2fab Β challenge that instead of there being a big prize for first place, we are going to put all our money in a kitty, same as last year, but instead of there being an overall winner, we are going to treat ourselves to a nice, grown up’s weekend away at the end of the year with the money we’ve all contributed. I see this as a win win. Accountability and focus with a great treat at the end of the challenge.

I will continue to blog my banting journey in the year ahead. Again, blogging my journey and struggle with my weight has kept me accountable but it has also helped to inspire others who are walking the same journey as me and this is in turn keeping me focused too.

So, here’s to another super successful #fat2fab challenge!