fat2fabToday is day 1 of the #fat2fab challenge! And in the interest of keeping it real and being bravely honest, I’m going to share with you where I’m at right now and why I want to do this. It may surprise you, but this challenge is not about weight loss for me, it’s not about trying to feel beautiful, or look younger. It’s about my health, it’s about how I feel – physically!

As an older, 41 year old mother of two young children, I hate how in the last few years, my body feels as if it’s aged. Granted, it has been through a lot, what with all the surgeries and procedures and meds and hormones that were pumped into me during our years of fertility treatment. I have also abused my body, badly. I’ve abused it with food, with alcohol and with smoking. I have hated it and I’ve shown it no love, no care, no respect. And it has taken it’s toll. My feet hurt, my knees hurt, I feel old! And while some of you may think I’m positively ancient at 41, trust me, on the inside I still feel the same as I did at 21, but I have not cared for my body and karma is coming back to bite me in the ass now.

I’m fortunate to not have suffered any long term effects of the abuse of my body over the last decade, no cholesterol, no diabetes, no heartburn, no blood pressure issues, thanks to good genetics, but good genetics can only take you so far and at some point they will start to fail me if I continue to abuse my body the way I am.

I did the Discovery Vitality Age test this morning and it confirmed what I already know, while my actual age is 41, my vitality age is:

Vitality Age


I’m not even going to say I was horrified. I’m not, in my heart I knew it. When I saw that number, all I felt was determination. This year I WILL take my health back! I will be healthy. I AM HEALTHY! That is my mantra for 2014 and that is why the #fat2fab challenge is so important to me! I need the competitiveness of it to keep me motivated, I am a highly competitive person and this challenge will be good for me!

I am not looking at myself through rose tinted glasses, those came off a long time ago. I know what I see, a fat woman. And I know that this statement makes people uncomfortable and their first response to that statement is to sugar coat it, but please don’t. I’m not blind or stupid, nor do I have any kind of body dismorphic disorder.

*bravely shares the before image, it’s horrible, I see it and I know you see it to*

before pic

I have 38kg’s to lose and I plan on doing it this year. On the 15th December, I WILL be posting an after photo of me and my Vitality Age will be back to 41! I am that determined to take back my health this year!

My current BMI is 37 folks! THIRTY SEVEN! If I achieve my weight loss goal, my BMI will also be back to a perfectly normal 25!

You’re probably thinking I’m nuts for letting it all hang out like this, but the truth is, it’s time to get real with myself. It’s time to stop sugar coating things and grab the bull by the horns.

Watch this space! It’s gonna happen! I’m sure of it! Oh and if you’re keen, be sure to sign up for the #fat2fab challenge too!