fat2fabSo that’s it you guys. The #fat2fab challenge ended yesterday and what a challenge and journey it has been!

When I started the challenge on the 6th January this year, I could NEVER EVER have imagined the results I’d have. After years of dieting, diet pills, diet gimmics, dietitians and diet clubs, you’ll need to forgive me for being skeptical. I needed to lose 41kg’s but I hoped I could maybe at the very best, lose 10kg’s. The most I’d ever lost was with a dietitian, that was 8kg’s and well, as with the diet pills, diet clubs, diet gimmicks etc, we all no how that ended…. fatter than ever before. And lets not talk about the hunger and the constant state of deprivation I was in, or test on my will power… I was always doomed to fail and Β when I started the #fat2fab challenge, I kind of was expecting to fail yet again.

Let’s have a recap of where I started:

  • Starting Weight: 118kg’s
  • Starting BMI: 39



It’s been an amazing and challenging year. I’ve learned so much. About my body and about my mind. Losing all this weight and transforming my body and my health has given me a tremendous sense of self belief. I can do anything! I did this, I can do anything!

I’ve also learned along the way that challenging convention can put one in the line of fire! I’ve been laughed at, made fun of, sub tweeted, sniggered at but guess who’s laughing now???



The overall improvement in my health & subsequently my fitness has been mind blowing. All my health markers are down and greatly improved. I got a clean bill of health when I had a health screening to increase my life insurance a couple of weeks ago, all of my stats are a thousand times better than they were before and most of my health markers now show me as a much younger woman!

Changing my body and my health has given me back the gift of me. I feel more vibrant and more confident and this has had a positive impact on all other areas of my life. Operating confidentially within the world has changed how the world responds to me.

My ending stats are as follows:

  • Current Weight: 85.6kg’s
  • Current BMI: Β 27

And I have 8kg’s to go to get to goal weight. The challenge may be over, but I’m not done yet!

I did after photo’s yesterday and created comparison shots with my before and after. The results are, in my opinion, astounding and to be honest, I’m super proud of myself!

IMG_1743 IMG_1745



I know everyone wants to know how I’ve done it, like I’m holding onto some secret but there simply isn’t one. I think we’ve all become so accustomed to quick fixes and empty promises and as a result I’m constantly bombarded by people who want to know where to start, what is my meal plan, what are my tips and honestly, I don’t have any but I will tell you, you do need to do this:

Read Gary Taubes’s book Why We Get Fat

Read The Real Meal Revolution

Keep it simple

Eat when you’re hungry and stop snacking, you don’t need to snack when your blood sugar and insulin are stable, which they are while banting.

Avoid diet cooldrinks – they do still cause changes in your insulin levels

Avoid banting treats, only eat these on occasions and not every day

95% of your food should come off the Green List as detailed in the Real Meal Revolution.

Just do it!

And best of all?

The #fat2fab challenge was a competition. There was money deposited into an account and the winner takes all. Well, I WON!

I beat Walter, I pipped him to the post, he has been in the lead since the start of the challenge and in the last month I somehow overtook him and I WON! πŸ™‚

So now… for 2015 challenge!

I also just wanted to send a big fat shout out to all my fellow #fat2fab challengers, thanking them for the support and encouragement throughout the year and for being so gracious with my win!