fat2fabIts been a week since I joined the Get Slim fat2fab challengeΒ and I did my first (official) weight in this morning…. 3.6kg’s lost! While I am pleased with the weight loss and can already feel it in my jeans, it is after all the equivalent of almost 7 bricks of butter, most of which looks like it’s come off my face, Β I won’t lie, I am also a little disappointed.Β I was perfectly on track to lose in the region of 4kg’s but then glorious Aunt Flo arrived and halted my weight loss attempts for a couple of days.

That aside, I’ve had a pretty good week. Aside from a horrible headache on Tuesday last week, which I assume was related to a sugar withdrawal and a serious carb crash on Thursday, I’ve been feeling good. No real cravings and I’m really not hungry and really enjoying the delicious food. This is the one diet where you really do get to eat foods that are full of flavours and I’m loving it.

Obviously my body has had to go through an adjustment period, which from my own research can last up to 4 weeks, where my body will have to relearn to use fat & protein for energy. So while I have not had any of those horrible mid-afternoon slumps associated with diets that include carbs & sugars, I am battling a bit with a lack of energy. But this will pass soon.

I’ve also noticed that I seem to be very sensitive to sweetners but will test my theory this week. My weight loss started out at a storming pace last week and as the weekend approached and I drank more sugar-free cooldrinks, so my weight loss slowed down. This week I’m going to revert back to my office habit of only drinking water during the day and see the impact.

Also all the symptoms I have related to IBS have vanished. Sorry for the toilet talk, but for the past week, I have been completely cramp free & not struggled with loose stooles or any other symptoms associated with IBS. Again, I can only put this down the the lack of carbs I’m consuming.

I’ve also started what’s called intermittent fasting. From the research I’ve done over the last few week’s, intermittent fasting is shown to reduce calorie intake and speed up weight loss by putting your body into a ketogenic state which optimizes fat burning. Β I eat my dinner and then don’t eat again until lunch time the following day, only drinking water and unsweetened coffee throughout the morning. I thought I’d be starving and feel tired, but surprisingly I’m not. In addition, I’ve also found that skipping breakfast has not resulted in me eating more throughout the day, a popular diet community belief. If anything I eat less as I get fuller fast after the fasting period. Here is an interesting article to read regarding breakfast and the myths surrounding fasting – Top 10 Fasting Myths Debunked.

I’ve also cut out the wine guys! This is HUGE for me. Previously, I was drinking one glass of dry wine per day. I’m now only drinking two glasses of wine per week. I’ve also weaned myself off all sugar in my coffee and not supplemented with sweetner as I LOATHE the taste of sweetners.

All in all, it’s been a good week. I still have 34.4kg’s to go to reach my goal but I’m trying not to focus on the big number and instead focus on smaller mile stones along the way. I’ve also lost a full BMI point which is great news for my overall health.

This is a marathon and not a sprint after all!