fat2fabWe’ve been moving house… things have been a little insane. I haven’t blogged in a week & then cleverly tried to run a plug in upgrade via my phone which caused my whole blog to crash and I certainly have NOT been following my LCHF eating plan.

I was really sick the previous weekend, after being tested for Tick Bite Fever etc, I was eventually diagnosed with a kidney infection. This totally threw my eating plan off as I just felt too sick to eat and when I had to eat to take medication, I only ate what I felt I could stomach, which was mostly junk, biscuits, bread etc. Then the day of our move loomed and I wanted to run down our groceries, less to pack, and so we pretty much have lived on take way’s and whatever else we could get our hands on.

I haven’t stood on a scale in a week and this morning, I could hear the scale whispering to me when I got out of bed. I was feeling quite anxious to get on and see the damage I’d done to my weight loss over the past weeks pig out’s. And I was super chuffed to see that I’m down a kg. I can only assume that this is due to firstly the extreme fevers with tremors I had the previous weekend and climbing up and down the stairs (we’ve moved into a double story) a thousand times in the last few days while unpacking.

Week 10

This graph gives a great indication of how my cycle affects my weight loss. Those spikes occur around the time of menstruation and again around ovulation and this is with NO cheating, it just happens and is very very frustrating as it often feels like I take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back and I’m constantly playing catch up.

Walter has lost almost 20kg’s, lucky bum, clearly no hormonal cycle affecting his weight loss. Today I’m on a total of 12.1kg’s since starting the challenge on the 6th January. I’m also down 4 BMI points so I’m trying to remain positive and look at the bigger picture.

Health wise, I can really feel the affect of my poor eating last week. My stomach is a mess, I’ve got terrible IBS again and I’m hoping that this will pass again quickly now that I’m back on following LCHF.

I’m excited to see what nexts week’s results will be!