fat2fabSo week 15 has just finished and it was a good one, I’m so close to a very big milestone for me and I’m super excited about it. I’ve signed up for the Get Slim #fat2fab Recharge Challenge which starts next week, it’s going to be VERY tough and to be honest, I’m quite scared because… no wine… but this is probably just what I need to recharge my weight loss and get me through that one big milestone that I’ve had my sights set on since starting the challenge in January.

We had a good Easter weekend, I did drink more wine than I probably should have and Sunday was a bad bad day. Started out with Hot Cross Buns for breakfast, finished with 2 Easter eggs and included a traditional “boerekos” lunch at my Mother in law, where everything either had potatoes mashed into it or was sweetened with sugar. I was up 1.2kg’s yesterday after all the munching and wining and dining this weekend but thankfully I dropped 700g’s of that by this morning. Due in part to the delicious LCHF lunch we had at friends yesterday.

Week 14


The other reason for not gaining a cow this weekend and for my rapid loss between yesterday and today is because I’ve started exercising. I haven’t included any exercise into my regimen up till now, for one reason and one reason only… I was terrified with my excess weight, that I would give myself a heart attack. But with the 15kg loss I’ve had so far, I finally feel like I’m ready to start pushing harder.

I started training on Saturday, alternating a walk/shuffle/run and managed to do a 2.5km route which I’ve slowly been increasing and this morning I managed a 2.75km walk/shuffle/run.

Week 14 1


I downloaded the Nike Run appΒ and am using the coaching function which has a great training program that should allow me to complete a 5km Park Run by the end of May. It’s a great training program that includes some cross training to ensure that I don’t injure myself. For now, I’m mostly shuffling the downhills, walking the uphills and running the flats but every morning I try I feel myself getting stronger, able to go further and push harder and it’s been very exciting and super motivating.

I have noticed that there has been a marked increase in my stamina since starting the lchf diet. I actually tweeted Prof Tim NoakesΒ to ask if there was any research done that shows a correlation between increased stamina and following a lchf diet. He replied saying that there was no scientific research but that it was a common report amongst banters and that it’s believed the increased stamina is for two reasons:

  • Improved quality of diet = improved use of energy
  • Wheat free diet = reduced inflammation in the body, thereby reducing pain and improving performance

I’m very excited about the changes I’m seeing in myself and have not felt better… EVER. Interestingly, I felt not well on Sunday after eating so much junk and literally within 15 minutes of eating the two Easter eggs I was dizzy and nauseous, can you say INSULIN SPIKE?

So just 3kg’s to go to bust through my own personal BIG milestone, when I get there maybe I’ll be brave enough to share with you what it is!