fat2fabWeek 16 is completed. I honestly cannot believe I’m still sticking with it and that it’s going so well. I’m still running, amazingly I am now able to run 2km’s without having to switch to a walk/shuffle and I’m not up to run/walk/shuffling 3.3km’s a time. I’m doing my first Parkrun on Saturday and while I’m sure I’ll have to walk large portions I’m really quite excited about it as for the first time I’m confident that I can actually finish!

I had a bit of an epiphany this weekend about my weight loss. For the last decade or so I have really struggled with my weight. I’ve tried everything. Weigh Less, Weight Watchers, you name it and spent a fortune for private sessions with a dietitian. NOTHING worked. It did not work. I could not lose the weight and I’d become discouraged by the lack of progress and give up. I realized this weekend that for the longest time I’ve resigned myself to being the fat girl and unhealthy because I simply stopped believing it was possible for me. I just didn’t believe it. I just didn’t think I could do it because every other attempt had been such a terrible failure. So I wore my failure like a big, fat, ugly cloak and just accepted it.

I also realized something else. How lazy being so fat makes you. I had every excuse under the sun. And this has been hard for me to accept and embrace and say no more. The reason I didn’t exercise? I can give you a million reasons. But really, they’re not reasons, they’re just excuses! No time, too fat, too tired, too scared, too afraid of injury, too afraid of having a heart attack. Now here’s the truth…. And it’s tough for me to admit but here it is anyway…. The REAL reason. Just too damn lazy! Just too busy wallowing in my fat cloak and accepting that which I thought I couldn’t change.

My success, I can only put down to the LCHF diet because for the first time this diet is working and it’s given me reason to believe that I will be successful, that I can do it, that a diet/lifestyle doesn’t need to feel like a punishment. That I can still enjoy my food and socializing with my friends without feeling deprived and hungry and like I’m a minute away from failure. It’s been the most liberating experience of my life. For the first time in the longest time I believe in me.

And when I started believing in me, I suddenly started wanting to get off my fat, lazy, ass and do something and that’s how I started running and the high I get from that is indescribable. I am so so so proud of me, of my achievement, of what I am doing.

I’ve lost a total of 16kg’s since the started of the challenge in January and I’ve shared a lot of photo’s of my butt and stomach because the results there have been astounding. But last week my sister in law sent me photo’s from her wedding taken in March and what I saw SHOCKED me! I hardly even look like the same person. I showed my work colleagues and they couldn’t believe it so here have a look at this:

5 Chins Collage

The top left was taken at Walter’s graduation last year in July. The bottom left was taken at my sister in laws wedding 2 months ago, I’d already lost 8kg’s by then. The two photo’s on the right were taken this weekend…… Nuff said right?

So quite simply, my motto to me and my challenge to all my fat friends… NO MORE EXCUSES!