fat2fabAnother great weekend on the #fat2fab challenge and I’m really starting to get beyond excited about my results. Although I’m sure I must be irritating the hell out of the people around me. My tweets have gone from being whine & wine tweets to Nike Plus updates and weight loss updates.


I surpassed the 16kg weight loss mark this past week and now even I can see my body’s incredible transformation. And the more I notice my transformation, the more excited (and annoying) I get, the more motivated I become!

2014-05-01 12.09.44

I did my first Parkrun on Saturday and it was fabulous! I’m highly competitive, so running with other runners really pushed me, every time I heard someone gaining on me, I’d start running faster. I completed the 5km’s in 41 minutes and was positioned 15th in my gender/age groups, which I’m thrilled about considering I’ve only been running for two weeks!

2014-05-02 11.04.25-1


The most exciting things have started to happen. Only fat girls can understand my extreme excitement, but being able to go boot shopping and being able to try on boots that zip all the way up to my knees or going shopping for running gear and being able to fit into regular size clothing and not being relegated to the Frumpy Mc Frumpson Plus size clothing that scream look at me, I’m a fat girl decorated like a Christmas tree!

Let’s see what the next few weeks have in stall for this #fatgirlslim