fat2fabSo another week down on the fat2fab challenge and another amazing week for me. My weight loss has slowed a bit, down 1.9kg’s this week, which brings my total weight loss to 5.5kg’s since starting the challenge two weeks ago. I’m pretty happy with that, I’d love it if it would maintain the speed of the first week but I know that’s not realistic.

Most of the physical symptoms of adjusting to digesting fat instead of carbs seems to have past. My energy levels have normalized and I’m not really battling with dizziness anymore. Β I’ve also noticed other changes too. I don’t seem to be retaining water and my kankles have returned to being ankles! The acid bumps on my arms are gone, so my skin is super smooth and it feels like it’s oilier, not so dry and dehydrated anymore. I’m also sleeping like the dead, which is miraculous for me as I have a long history of interrupted sleep. I’ve just never been a good sleeper and Β and have spent the better part of my adult life tossing and turning and waking up regularly at night. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to go to sleep at night and sleep right through until the next morning. That almost never happens to me and it’s been consistently happening for the past two weeks. I have read that improved sleep patterns are a side effect of a lchf diet and so far so good.

I think the thing that has really surprised me the most about following this lchf diet is people’s reactions to it. It’s one thing to have an opinion but there is zero value in an ignorant opinion. I saw some comments about it on SM yesterday about how it’s just another fad, how people are lazy and looking for a quick fix… ahem… LCHF is neither of those actually, for starters, it’s not a diet, its a complete lifestyle change and as someone who has battled with my weight for the better part of the last decade, so far it’s the only lifestyle change I’ve attempted that seems sustainable and there is nothing fast about trying to lose now 32.5kgs.

Sunday Lunch! Yum! Yum!

I know this diet bucks the trend, I know it takes everything we’ve been led to believe about healthy eating and turns it on it’s head but what if….

I’ve been amazed by the success stories that I’ve been privy too, here is a great one, I met Josh last week and was totally blown away by his story – Joshua Irwin: LCHF Nutritional Coach.Β 

What if Dr’s hadn’t recognized mental illness and instead we’d continued to believe that people suffering mental illness were possessed?

What if we still believed that smoking didn’t cause cancer and we were sitting in our Dr’s office while he puffed on a Camel?

What if we didn’t believe that asbestos caused illness?

What if what we’ve been led to believe about dieting was wrong and the most recent studies coming out in favour of lchf are true? What then? Research into lchf is proving that it has massive health benefits, from improvements and staving off dementia (your brain & nerves need fat to regenerate), new research is showing how lchf can have an impact of seizure suffers. It has been shown to improve both type 1 & type 2 diabetes and ironically cholesterol as well as blood pressure. There are too many people seeing excellent health improvements on this diet for there not to be some truth in it, so rather educate yourself so you can have a valid opinion and not one based on ignorance. Here is a fascinating article that looks at the results of 23 totally independent randomized studies that were done, comparing low carb high fat diets with low fat carb diets…. the proof is in the pudding!

Right, climbing off soap box.

Here’s to week 3. I’ve now started including exercise in my regimen and I’m looking forward to seeing the differences that will make too. I’m feeling fantastic and looking far less bloated so onward and upwardsΒ downwards!