fat2fabSo, week 24…. And I’m as excited as ever, if not even more so, with the results I’ve experienced so far.

Today I want to talk more about my exercise regimen and the changes I’ve noticed since starting LCHF. I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to be exceptionally fit, a bike ride or run to the gym, followed by an hour work out and then a bike ride or run back home. I was passionate about fitness and have a diploma’s from ETA (Exercise Teachers Academy) of SA in both aerobics and personal training.

Then I had a knee injury that wouldn’t get better, followed by a bad first marriage and bad habits forming and it all kind of feel apart from there. The start of my infertility journey saw me going from super fit, to slightly overweight to ballooning to obese class II. Β You’ll remember when I embarked on my journey almost 6 months ago, my Vitality age was 54!

Vitality Age

Thankfully (and I mean that sincerely, I am so thankful) for my discovery of LCHF and all that has started to reverse. With the reduction of gluten and wheat and other inflammatory foods in my diet, my general body aches and pains decreased and my stamina and energy increased and that was when I started running, it’s been almost 3 months now and the changes in my body are quite dramatic. My legs have trimmed right down & no longer look like tree stumps, they actually have shape, my butt has gotten rounder and smaller and most exciting of all, even though I’m still paunchy and have a ways to go, there are the first signs of the return of my ab’s as my obliques have made a reappearance for the first time in donkey’s years!



I redid my Vitality age this morning and it’s also come down significantly in the last few months! Still no where near where I’d like to be, but it’s progress!

Vitality Age June


Ahem, Discovery, I’m actually 42 now!

My running is improving all the time. There are days when I feel like I’ve struggled through a run, like this morning, and then I’ll get home and discover that I’ve still broken one of my running records. This morning, I ran my fastest KM, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time. I’m doing it, I’m really really doing it!



I’ve also signed up to run my first 10km race, the Sandton To Soweto in August and I’m really excited about it. Last week I started stretching my daily running limit a bit more and tried to run between 4 – 5km’s every day, except for my rest day on Thursday. Then this weekend because I knew I had more time, I decided to stretch it even further and try and run 8km’s in preparation for the 10km race in August! And… I DID IT!

photoBest of all, when I was finished, I knew I could have run further, so I know I am ready and able to run a 10km race. Then I did the craziest thing of all! I allowed my dear husband and Tanya convince me that I should/could/would/must run a half Ocean in 2015!

I swear, I think I’ve lost my mind, I don’t even know who I AM any more! This journey has done such amazing things for me personally, its increased my self belief and confidence 10 fold and…. there are a number of other exciting things in the pipeline too…