fat2fabYeah so… holidays…. not great for weight lossΒ & the #fat2fab challengeΒ are they?!

I left on holiday with the best intentions, even took our bathroom scale with me, I was that determined that nothing would derail my weight loss attempts but then… ja… holidays…

There was way too much wine… soft serve ice-creams with flake & dipped in caramel, oh and lets not forget the melba toast with home-made liver pate!




Add to that, my running was horrible while on holiday. My legs felt like lead and I really battled, gave up on Thursday last week and decided to just take the rest of the week off running. The worst part was getting on the scale each morning and watching my weight creep up. This caused me huge amounts of anxiety. I can’t really express how fearful I am going back to being THAT fat girl. I can’t bare the thought of it, I don’t ever want to be that person again. So watching my weight slowly creep back up over the holiday caused me huge amounts of anguish! Even though I knew I would lose it when we got back home, the thought of losing momentum and stalling my efforts really made me anxious!

By the time we arrived home on Saturday, I was feeling horrible! All the sugar and carbs being added back into my diet caused absolute havoc with my health. I was back to battling insomnia and restless sleep, back to nightly leg cramps, my IBS came back with vengeance, I had a headache and was dizzy and just feeling awful.

Sunday morning was my moment of reckoning, getting onto the scale to see the damage that our holiday had done….. 3.2kg’s up! That was just the motivation I needed to get back onto the banting bandwagon. Sadly, I did have to go through the sugar withdrawal and carb flu symptoms again. I had such a bad headache yesterday, my second day back banting & just really felt miff, depressed, emotional, irritable and just yuck!


But my efforts and suffering have paid off. As of this morning, I’m down 2.3kg’s and have only 900g’s of holiday weight still to shed. And I’m hoping my current momentum stays on track and that I will have lost the holiday weight gain by tomorrow and be down even lower by the end of the week.


There are other exciting prospects happening in the back ground too. I’ve been approached by an amazing institute to be an ambassador on an exciting new project they will be launching soon and my LCHF weight loss efforts have been noted by a well known local health & fitness publication and my story will be featured in their special annual weight loss edition at the end of the year. In October I will go in studio for a special shoot for them for the magazine. So I really have some serious motivation to get my weight as low as possible by then.

I’ll share more on those exciting prospects soon!