fat2fabThere is no doubt, there are two categories of people in South Africa – banters and anti-banters. What has utterly astounded me is how aggressive and angry the anti-banters can be. Seriously… if you don’t believe in banting, then don’t try it. No one is holding a gun to your head and saying you have to do it.

From the start of my lchf journey I’ve faced criticism for my choice. People (mostly peeps on SM but IRL too) have made fun of me, they’ve verbally attacked me, they’ve criticized me & I’ve often felt like I’m expected to justify my choice on a daily basis.

It’s getting a bit old now. Get over it already.

Then there are the newbie banters…. who have a million questions but haven’t taken the time to do their own research. Who haven’t read The Real Meal Revolution or Why We Get Fat or The Big Fat Surprise or even Diet Doctors website, guys, do you research, do the reading!

I belong to a number of fabulous Face Book banting support groups that have really helped me too, join them, there are tips and advise and sharing of recipes and information, here are a few of my favourite ones:

Banting For Healthy Living

Banting For Weight Loss

Banting (Tim Noakes Diet)


Banting Buyers Club

My personal Face Book account is being bombarded with friend requests from people I don’t know, nothing personal to you, but I’m not accepting friend requests from people I don’t know.

I’m just astounded by the aggressive manner of the anti-banters and the almost feverish desperation for “my secret” from newbie banters. I don’t have a secret, I did the research, I read the books, I stuck with the basic principles of lchf and figured it out as I went along, it’s trial and error, finding what works for you.

This weekend I hit the 26kg loss mark and people’s reactions to that were quite astounding. Some people were genuinely happy for me, some people questioned whether or not I was even banting because they couldn’t see updates on my Face Book profile (my profile is private, if we’re not friends, you can’t see my posts) some people said I looked slimmer/better in previous updates and actually looked fatter in this one. The anti-banters, pretend like they can’t even see my progress because I guess my acknowledging it, they’d be forced to also acknowledge that it is clearly working for me.

But here it is again, I am so very very proud of my results so far! I still have 16kg’s to go but my body, my mind and my health have under gone an incredible transformation over the last 6 months.

Week 27