fat2fabWeek 28 and still going strong. I really can’t believe it! I have never ever been able to stick to an eating plan/diet/lifestyle change for this length of period before and believe it was not because of lack of trying or motivation. I think I just never found something that worked for me the way that banting does.

On the negative side, it’s not going to be my best month of weight loss. Our holiday coupled with this past weekend have thrown me off my game slightly. On Friday night we went to Madam Zingara for Walter’s company’s mid year party and … well… party, what more can I say!



I also ate take out (gasp) on Saturday night, both Walter and I were too tired/hung over from Friday night to be bothered with cooking, naughty I know and on Sunday we ended our #HopOnHopOff tour with Burger King because we hadn’t eaten it yet.



I seem to have lost my enjoyment of fast food, it really was, in my opinion, overrated and just… ok. Of course, within an hour my stomach started playing up again. Proof yet again that I simply cannot eat wheat based and carbed foods, I just can’t, it wrecks havoc with my health!

The plus side is that I am still sticking with the lifestyle change and it’s been easy to get back into each time I’ve fallen off the wagon! So while I probably won’t have a 4+kg weight loss this month, I will still be down and carrying on.

Our lchf story was also featured in this weekend’s Sunday Times, which was kind of exciting and once again reminded me of the magnitude of our success, seeing it in print like that. Between Walter and I we have lost in excess of 50kg’s combined!

photo (5)


Lastly, I wanted to share Walter’s amazing success. I always share my before/after photo’s but he’s ones are just as jaw dropingly astounding!