I’ve just completed my 3rd week of the #fat2fab challenge with Get Slim and it’s going way better than I could ever have anticipated in spite of a hiccup last week. This is pretty much how my week looked:

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On Monday last week, my weight had come down beautifully, on Tuesday I gained almost 900g’s and was flummoxed so I did what we all do… I hit up Google for the answers and was fascinated to discover that women’s hormones play a huge part in weight loss. Of course, this I knew, around the time of menstruation, a woman’s weight will rise, what I didn’t know is that it also rises around the time of ovulation. Which is pretty much where I was in my cycle last week.

So by Thursday last week, I’d only managed to drop the 900g’s I gained and then my weight kind of plateaued and I started to worry that I was doing something wrong, luckily, the weekend rolled around and I had a big drop.

My gross weight loss for last week, including the gain and then drop, was 1.8kg’s and my net loss, meaning my weight loss from Monday’s weigh in last week to this week is 1.1kg’s, which brings my overall weight loss for the past 3 weeks to 6.6kg’s. I’m also down a full 2 BMI points. At some point this week, Walter and I want to take our measurements as I think I’m showing my centimetre loss than weight loss. My body shape is changing and it’s quite noticeable, especially in my waist.

We have our official monthly check in’s on Saturday and I’m hoping to have hit a total of 8kg loss in month one, lets see how that goes.

I’m feeling really good and looking way less bloated, people have actually started to comment on my weight loss which only motivates me more!

3 Weeks fat2fab

I can already see a difference, my stomach is less bloated, my bum looks less round and my double chins (plural) is now more a double chin(singular).

I am battling with leg cramps still, which is apparently a very common side effect on lchf diets as a result of lowered potassium levels, so I’ll be working on trying to normalize that this week as it’s really not fun to jump out of bed screeching in pain in the middle of the night.

I’ve also lost my sugar cravings all together and no longer crave sweet things and because my body is getting what it needs I Β can go for long stretches without feeling hungry.

Other than that, I’m feeling great, looking well and more convinced than ever that this is the right lifestyle choice for me.