I haven’t done a #fat2fab update in quite a few weeks and I’ve achieved quite a few great goals in the last few weeks so I wanted to share!

Firstly, I busted through the 27kg loss mark yesterday and I really can’t believe it! When I started this journey 7 months ago, I had 41kg’s to lose and I never in a million years really believed I could do it. But here I am, 7 months later with only 14kg’s left to go to get to my target! And it seems like such an easy challenge now, knowing what I’ve already achieved.

I also took my centimetres yesterday, for the first time since sometime in May and I’ve dropped a further 14cm, most noticeably off my waist & hips. My total centimetres lost is now 55.5cm all over.

And then the achievement I’m most proud of………

10km Race


I ran my first race & my first 10km’s yesterday at the Sandton To Soweto marathon. I am so utterly proud of myself as I did it in a time of 1h18min and it was a tough race, for me anyway, it’s probably the single greatest physical challenge I’ve put my body through. I know that may sound really lame to some, but I cannot remember a time where I’ve had to dig so deep and push so hard for something that has physically challenged me in this way.

Sandton To Soweto

It was the first time the Sandton To Soweto marathon has been done, so there was some teething problems, which I think were to be expected. For starters there was some confusion about the starting point and I think some people got the Orlando Rugby Club confused with the Orlando Rugby Stadium. Once we got there, the organisers had changed the start times with little to no communication, or none that I’m aware of, so all of running the 10km landed up standing at the start line, in the freezing cold as the start was delayed by half an hour. In the end, I told Walter I wanted to go home, nobody seemed to know what was going on or when the race would actually start. It was dusty and really very cold, my hands had gone completely number and I wanted coffee and just wanted to go home. We walked all the way back to the car, almost a km away and as we were opening the car doors to climb in and go home, we heard the starting gun and started running like lunatics back to the start line and then had to push really hard to catch up with the running pack. In the end, we landed up running almost 11km’s because of our mad dash from the car park.

It was windy and very dusty and I got a bit of grit in my one contact lens which then irritated me the entire race and I battled with a stitch for a good 4km’s of the race so I really had to dig deep and push hard. There was also only one water point, at around the 8km mark but the spectators were fantastic, shouting encouragement to all of us and standing with their hoses out with water for thirsty participants.

The last 2km’s were tough. I have never hurt so much, between my thirst and scratchy eye but somehow I managed to run my hardest/fastest 2km’s of the entire race. I also broke my personal best time on a 5km which had previously been just a couple of seconds under 40 minutes, yesterday, I did it in 37min11sec! Super proud of myself.

Last week I committed to run a half marathon on the 2nd November at the Soweto Marathon. THIS I am now very afraid of after yesterdays run. When I crossed the finish line yesterday, I just kept thinking that on the 2nd November I will still have another 11km’s to run!

I’m using my Nike + Run Coach to train for this half marathon but I won’t lie, I am very very scared!

Half Marathon


2014 has really turned out to be a year of transformation for me and every day I notices changes within myself and physically and these are having an incredible effect in every other aspect of my life.

So here’s to half marathon’s and the final 14kg’s!