Week 38 and I’m so close to busting through the 30kg mark my feet are practically glued to my bathroom scale and if I even smell a chocolate I can practically feel the kg’s piling on!


I’m still astounded the by incredible journey I’ve been on in the past year. Really. I catch my own reflection in a window, door or mirror and I can’t believe it’s me I’m looking at. The most liberating of all is not being limited by where I can shop, and I really do need to shop. I have very limited clothing right now that actually fits. My t-shirts fall off my shoulders, I’ve had to replace all my underwear and go down a bra size. I trip over my tracksuit pants they’re now so long and slouchy, I don’t have a belt left to hold up my jeans that has enough holes in it. Getting dressed in the mornings has become quite a pain because I’ll take something out to wear and after putting it on discover that my bra is sticking out through the ginormous arm holes or that what was a previously low fitting top is now flashing my bra to the world.

But the shopping, oh the shopping I have loved. To be able to walk into any store and find clothing that fits… It is the best feeling in the world. To not be limited by what I can and can’t wear (within reason) is so freeing. I love the shopping! Admittedly I haven’t done as much shopping as I would like but slowly I’m rebuilding a new wardrobe for myself that is no longer limited by my size.

On Friday, after a particularly tough day, I popped in at Mr Price and got this amazing dress for R90! Firstly, I haven’t been able to shop at Mr P in more than a decade because even their large sizes didn’t fit and their + size range is….. um… not to my taste! I cannot tell you how buying this little dress made me feel and lifted my spirits… can you say shopaholic?!+



My weight loss story is being featured in a local publication later this year and I have a studio shoot with them later in October, I’m even excited about that. The last time I had to do a studio shoot for a mag was for Fair Lady a few years ago and I felt so horribly self conscious because of my weight. Well not this time…. BRING IT!