fat2fabSo week 4 ended yesterday, with our official Get Slim fat2fab weigh in’s, photo’s, stats etc and to say I am BEYOND thrilled with the results would be an utter understatement!

But first, let me explain WHY the results have excited me and motivated me as much as they have: I have tried every fad diet & “healthy” eating plan in the past 10 years and NONE of them have worked. Not one! Not Weight Less, not Weight Watchers, not the fruit diet, the grape diet, diet pills (prescription & over the counter), the soup diet, not even spending a small fortune under the care of a registered and highly respected Johannesburg dietitian. In an average month on any one of the previously mentioned eating plans, no matter how hard I tried, how much I exercised, I would be lucky if I could have a 2.5kg loss in a month. I have had my thyroid tested, I’ve had insulin tests, sugar test, ever test imaginable to understand why when I follow the widely accepted and recommended low fat diet, I simply don’t see the results. And when I’ve tried the fad diets, they have worked to a degree, but they are not sustainable and as soon as I start eating normally again, my weight balloons to more that what it was prior to starting whatever stupid fad diet I was desperate enough to try.

So without further adieu… let me just remind you, the weigh in was done earlier this week to coincide with the 1st of the month, so I’ve been following the LCHF plan for 3.5 weeks….

Fat2Fab Week 4 Loss

8.2kg’s down in 3 & a half weeks and like with my previous updates, still going strong and feeling better than ever! Β I’ve also started to notice huge changes in my body, it’s as if I’m losing weight differently that previously, I know that doesn’t make much sense, but the general belief is that LCHF is especially effective on people with metabolic syndrome (fat mid-drift) which is definitely me, I carry the bulk of my weight around my stomach, back & butt. The stomach fat being the most dangerous as it’s all squashed in between my vital organs.

I did my before and after photo’s yesterday morning and was literally gobsmacked at one particular area of my body… my ARSE!

fat2fab bum week 4

I can’t stop looking at this comparison, I cannot believe the changes in my body but most especially my backside in just over 3 weeks. I could never have imagined these types of results when I first embarked on this journey.

I am still loving the food, its tasty and hugely satisfying and there’s just about nothing I can’t have… so long as it’s sugar free & low carb and not a potato or any other root veg. I bought the best selling South African context book – The Real Meal Revolution earlier this week and have set out a meal plan for the week ahead based on the recipes from the book.

On Friday I made a KILLER LCHF Lasagna, it totally puts a regular “low fat” Lasagna to shame, really! It was utterly delicious and I can’t wait to test drive some of the other recipes, this week’s cooking includes Peri Peri Chicken Livers & Tika Chicken Masala, both cooked the LCHF way.

LCHF Lasagna


Walter is also doing exceptionally well, with a 10kg loss posted in the last 3+ weeks. The amazing thing is that aside from our obvious weight loss, there are so many other things I’ve noticed about us both physically. Our skins have changed, they’re clearer and feel more moisturized with no acid bumps or blemishes. Our eyes are brighter and neither one of us has dark rings around our eyes anymore, this is particularly evident with Walter as he has more of a tendency towards dark circles.

Fat2Fab Week 4


Yesterday we went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Jozi and had very limited food and drink choices in terms of stadium catering, I drank ONE beer, had one serving of crumbed chicken breast, with a portion of chips I couldn’t finish and literally with in half an hour, both Walter and I had pounding headaches, lethargy and of course my stomach cramps and IBS returned with a vengeance. Today I’ve been in recovery after last nights junk, doing a fast over breakfast and really tonking the water, I’ve been feeling exceptionally thirsty all day and I suspect this is my body trying to regulate itself back to fat burning as apposed to carb burning, after last nights crap food.

I am very excited about the results we’re seeing and fascinated by how many more and more studies are finding in favor of LCHF, I was stunned to discover this week that in September last year, Sweden became the first country in the world to chuck out the traditionally accepted low fat food pyramid and replace it with LCHF as it’s national health recommendation. I’m excited to see how and when more countries will follow suite!