I’ve been banting for 41 weeks now. It’s become a completely natural and normal way of life for me. Something that just happens automatically, eating out or socializing with friends is not hard, I just make the right choices and I guess that’s what is making banting so popular, it works and it doesn’t restrict your lifestyle in anyway, you just need to make different choices but you don’t have to deprive yourself in any way.

The hardest part for most banters and I think we a lot of banters fail is that they don’t recognize what a highly addictive substance sugar is. I had a ridiculously sweet tooth. All my life. I have loved sweet things and chocolate was my absolute downfall. Where I failed so many times on previous diets and attempts at lifestyle changes was that I followed the low fat philosophy. What I did not realize is that low fat foods are packed with sugars, read food labels guys & familiarize yourself with the TWO HUNDRED AND FIFITY SEVEN different names for sugar, look at the sugar levels  which is highly addictive, which would automatically spark my sweet craving, which would make me desperate for something sweet and make all my food seem bland and not satisfying and I could only deprive myself for so long before I’d succumb to the cravings and cheat in the most spectacular ways. And all this would just constantly perpetuate my cycle of trying and failing.

Breaking my sugar addiction was probably the hardest part of switching to banting. It took a couple of weeks, during which time I could substitute my desire for something sweet with fat, which didn’t necessarily take away the craving, but it did leave me feeling satisfied until I could break the addiction. Now I NEVER crave sweet things. I haven’t eaten a chocolate in months. Not even the 90% Lindt, which is banting friendly. I don’t eat fat bombs anymore, I don’t bake banting treats anymore because I simply don’t need it. I don’t want it. I don’t crave it.

I blogged last week about how I’d been stuck on a plateau for the past month, hovering just above the 30kg loss mark. I’d drop down to 88.1kg’s, then go back up to 89kg’s, then drop down to 88.6kg’s then go back up again. I won’t lie, it was soul destroying but instead of getting in a panic and immediately looking for ways to modify my diet, which I’ve seen tons of banters to with fat fasts and egg fasts and cutting dairy etc, I just stuck it out and kept on keeping on. It was like being at war with my body but I won! This morning, I got up, did my usual morning ablutions and got on the scale and my body screamed out: “FINE! YOU WIN!” and there it was…. I’d broken through the 30kg loss mark.



I didn’t change anything. I didn’t go on a specific fast or cleanse or start panicking about ratio’s, I didn’t cut out dairy and I carried on drinking one dry white wine spritzer every night (and a few more than that over weekends) and I broke through, I won the battle with my body!

I am beyond proud! I have 10.7kg’s to go to my first goal weight. When I get to that goal weight, I plan to continue on as a banter, in fact, I plan to eat this way for the rest of my life, it’s very important for my health and my insulin resistance that I do that. If I go below 77kg’s, then great. The lowest weight I’ve been as an adult was 67kg’s and I looked horrible! Gaunt & bony, with my ribs sticking through my back and hip bones with craters around them. It’s not a good look for me, my body wasn’t designed to look that way. I tend to lean towards a more muscular and athletic build and at 21 years old, I weighted 72kg’s and looked good. I set my current goal at 77kg’s, which would give me a normal BMI, for my age and we’ll see how I go, if I could weight what I did at 21 years old, that would be amazing, but I’m just not really sure that’s realistic!