Friday was quite possibly one of the most surreal days of my life. My weight loss story is being featured in Fitness Magazine’s Fatloss edition, out in December.
It was very surreal experience for me….

The mag sent me for my first ever spray tan on Thursday and on Friday morning I was at the photographer’s studioΒ bright eyed and very very nervous first thing. My brief was to bring along with me something I like to wear, a pair of jeans and fitted top and my favourite running/training outfit. I wore my skinny jeans to the shoot and planned to change into a somewhat more forgiving pair of bootleg jeans for the actual photo’s but the editor of the mag was having none of it. She pretty much gave me one the best pep talks I’ve ever had in my life when she told me to stop my nonsense, let go of the fat girl and embrace my new body, that I’m not fat and don’t need to hide behind large clothes any more and that actually my skinny jeans looked really good on me!

I will say I was apprehensive but decided to trust her and go with it. Once my make up was done, it was lights, camera and action. The photographer, Cindy, was amazing and I must say she put me right at ease, especially as I was very intimidated surrounded by all these beautiful and buff women and there I was feeling like the fat, frumpy and dare I say it… old woman… in comparison I mean.

I was BLOWN away by the photo’s that Cindy took, I couldn’t believe it was me. I’m guessing this is because it was two parts amazing photographer and one part serious pep talk prior to starting about embracing the new me. But I LOVED the experience!

Before I left, the magazine shared this collage of images of me to their Instagram and social media feeds:



And for the first time I’ve started to believe I’m not the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) any more, I’m not the fat chic and actually I look pretty A-OK for 42 years old!

This week I’ll be focusing my mind much more on my training schedule and what lies ahead of me on Sunday, my first half marathon. To say I’m nervous is a complete understatement. I feel completely unprepared and it’s too late to do anything about it now, this week is all about tapering my training, I’m doing short, fast runs and then from Thursday I’ll be resting in prep for Sunday.

The furthest I have run so far is 15km’s and I won’t lie, the last few km’s hurt like a bitch! I almost cried when I got home and wasn’t sure if I should sit, walk or lie down to make the pain in my legs stop! On Sunday, I’m going to be running 6km’s further than that. HOLD ME! I’m afraid!

Ironically, this popped up in my time line yesterday and I couldn’t help thinking what a massive difference a year has made in my life:

Fat2fabweek43 2


Please think of me on Sunday when I tackle this massive obstacle and if you’re on Twitter, send me cheers here: @SharonVW