fat2fabI was quite horrified when I got on the scale on Monday morning last week and had gained a couple of kg’s, literally over night, after running my first half marathon. My horror would extend all the way through to Wednesday, when, with each mornings weigh in, I’d find myself getting heavier and heavier. Β I was also quite shocked by how swollen I was after the race, by Wednesday morning, I’d reverted back to having kankles and my toes looked like pork sausages. Thankfully, it was just all related to water retention and by Saturday, I was back down to my pre-race weight, my feet and ankles had also returned back to normal size. After reading up on the bloat and weight gain post halfie, it’s apparently quite normal when one exerts oneself to that degree. Just another sign, in my mind, that I did not prepare as well as I should/could have for the race. The recovery was hard.

But as of this week, I’m down a further 300g’s from my pre-race weight and back pounding the pavements just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

For the longest time, I’ve HATED having my photo taken. I mean, I know we all look at ourselves with a very critical eye. But I literally cringed every time I saw a photo of myself and always thought I looked like a bullfrog, with the 5 chins and facial bloat from the excess weight I was carrying. I never ever took selfies and the only photo’s I ever really shared online were the ones taken by photographer friends. A professional photograph was always much more forgiving on my bloat than any selfie or quick snap that my husband might take.

Well this weekend, I did something I thought I’d never do…. I posted a selfie…. of me in a swimsuit! Mostly because I thought it was hysterically funny. It was the first weekend this summer that I’ve wanted to swim, so had to dig my swimming costume out the back of my cupboard and I was quite shocked when I put it on!

Week 45 a

I live in this body and in my mind, I still see myself as the pre-banting Sharon so sometimes I forget the impact that losing 32kg’s has had. I was shocked when I put this costume on and then laughed myself silly when I looked at the photo. I mean really guys…. How are the broeks of this costumer? Shocking!

I did land up swimming with my girls, but seriously, I may as well have gone skinny dipping for all the costume did for my modesty, I was flashing about the pool all day on Sunday because that costume is now so large (it’s a 42 and was very tight the last time I wore it last year) that everything hangs out, jump in the pool and instantly there’s a boob flash and the pants fell down.Β Week 45

So buying a new swimming costume has been added to my shopping list!

I also had a health clearance done last week as I’m being very grown up and increasing my life insurance and dread disease cover. The great news is that after 10 months of banting, all of my counts are showing great improvement. Most notably my blood pressure, which has come right down to 120/75! WINNING!

The #fat2fab challenge has another month to go and I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when it’s over. It has been a life changing experience for me!