fat2fabWeek 5 was a tough week, I’m amazed I managed to stay motivated. But let me explain…. I’ve read up a lot about LCHF and the banting diet and the one thing that I’ve always noted is that women’s cycles do affect their weight loss. I’ve also being weighing myself daily after reading an article (which I can’t find the link to now) by Prof Tim Noakes about how daily weigh in’s can help one take note of specific food types that can hamper weight loss. For example, I know if I eat foods sweetened with Xylotol, it does stall my weight loss. I’ve also noted that fasting doesn’t necessarily increase or decrease my weight loss and all of this I’ve learnt by weighing myself daily and keeping a record of it. I’m using a great app called Monitor My Weight. Which tracks my weight loss, gives me updates on my data in the forms of graphs and also tracks my progress and recalibrates my goals depending on how I’m performing so at the beginning of last week, I almost burst into tears when for no apparent reason my weight shot up by 2.5kgs!

Daily weigh in graph

Literally, the following day my period started and a day later my weight started dropping again. This app is going to double up at a cycle monitor too, because I’ve also noted from a couple of weeks prior that around ovulation, I also had a weight spike and then quick drop off.

With the weight gain and then loss last week, my total loss for the week was only 400g’s but when I took my weekly tracking photo’s, I was astounded by the difference I can see in my body, I wish I hadn’t been so lazy at the beginning of the challenge and taken my measurements because clearly my cm loss is waaaay more than my kg loss which is now sitting at a total of 8.6kg’s in 5 weeks!

5 Weeks in to #fat2fab

The key to my success so far has been careful planning and lots of reading. I literally devour everything I can get my hands on about lchf and banting and have started following a number of lchf and banting blogs as well. I also got a copy of The Real Meal revolution a couple of weeks ago and plan my groccery shopping and meal planning around the book. This, I believe has been my key to success, not buying unnecessary foods and also being prepared for every meal so I don’t have to make poor meal choices.

The recipes are really delicious and I know everyone is asking what we’re eating, so here are a couple of examples:

LCHF Shepherds Pie with Caulimash
LCHF Shepherds Pie with Caulimash
LCHF Peri Peri Chicken livers served in gem squash with LC poppadoms
LCHF Peri Peri Chicken livers served in gem squash with LC bread for dipping.
LCHF Tikka Chicken Masala with LC Poppadums.
LCHF Tikka Chicken Masala with LC Poppadums.
Home Made LC Bread
Home Made LC Bread

Of course there are a number of skeptics and a few people who have been less than kind about my weight loss, but I’m not doing this for them, I’m doing this for me and for the first time since I started struggling with my weight, I finally feel like I am in control of my weight loss journey. I finally feel like I am going to succeed.

The health benefits I’ve noted in the past few weeks have been amazing. And in the last couple of weeks, the biggest thing I’ve noted is that I seem to have cleared my sugar addiction. I no longer crave sweet foods, not at all, looking at a chocolate doesn’t appeal to me in the least.

A few years ago, I spent a small fortune at a well known Dietitian clinic, I slogged and slaved and felt deprived and starved almost all the time and I never came anywhere near to this kind of success. In the 8 months I was under their care, spending a fortune on monthly visits, I lost a total of 6kg’s!

Of course, LCHF is not for everyone, but anyone that battles with sugar addiction, diabetes, insulin resistance and metabollic syndrome or if you just struggle to control your weight, perhaps it’s worth doing some reading up on it and giving it a try?