fat2fabSo February has proven to be a very tough LCHF month for me. I shared last week about how I’d hit a plateau and it seemed nothing I did made a difference. Thankfully, shortly after that post, I got that tell tale taste in my mouth that suggested at ketosis and the very next day my weight was down and it kept going down all of last week, with me having a total loss in that week of just over a kg.

Then… dum dum dum… the day of Hannah’s birthday party arrived and I knew it was going to be a cheat day so, in true Sharon style, I went balls to the wall and started out Saturday with a giant choc chip muffin for breakfast. My first full on sugar meal in more than 7 weeks. Within half an hour, I had such a severe sugar spike that my head was pounding and my hands were shaking so badly, I could hardly feed Hannah because the tremors were so bad, the food kept falling off her spoon. The rest of the day was a right off, I literally ate my weight in cake, cupcakes and cake pops and drank WAY more wine than I should have.

Suffice it to say, I felt like sh*t on Sunday morning, I had a dull headache that I’m convinced was from all the sugar coursing through my system and my IBS was back with vengeance! Surprisingly, the bathroom scale showed a 200g loss but by Monday I was up a full kg after Saturday’s over indulgence.

Thankfully today, I am back down a full kg, I’m pretty sure the weight gain was just excess water from over indulging and I shed it quickly. Unfortunately, it means that my total weight loss has been fairly stagnant this month, with a total loss for the month of only 1.3kg’s and a total weight loss over the past 7 weeks of 9.5kg’s.

This would probably really demotivate me but thankfully, last Sunday I decided to take my measurements and to track my measurements as well as my weight loss and this week’s measurements, in spite of my minimal kg loss, showed a rather great improvement with a total of 10cm loss. Which means that in spite of what the scale is saying, I am still slimming down.

My monthly weight loss chart.
My monthly weight loss chart.

I just keep reminding myself that the path to success is rarely a smooth, even one and these up’s and down’s are part of the journey and I refuse to give up. I really cannot believe I’ve made it this far, I’ve never managed to stick with any eating plan for this period of time before, mostly because all other eating plans left me feeling deprived and were clearly lacking in what I needed to achieve my goal.

I’m still loving the food and The Real Meal Revolution has become like my food/banting/lchf bible. I’ve also noted that there are a lot more hidden carbs in veggies as opposed to salads because my weight loss is greater on the days I use salad as part of my meal plan Β as opposed to veggies.

Preparing Sirloin steaks in a home made horseradish crème fraiche served with tomato & basil salsa.
The finished product – so delicious!

The Get Slim #fat2fab challenge has been the best thing for me. The online support group has proven invaluable in keeping me motivated and informed and helping me along my weight loss journey. I’m also highly competitive so the competition element keeps me on the straight & narrow.

f2fminichallengeGet Slim are also launching a mini #fat2fab challenge, which will run in 3 month increments, if you’re interested in getting in on the action, check out the details here: #fat2fab Mini Challenge The mini challenge also includes a starter pack which will be invaluable to newcomers to the LCHF way of life.