11.1kg’s down since starting the challenge 8 weeks ago. I think this picture says it all:


I actually can’t begin to tell you how utterly thrilled I am with the results so far. This challenge, hosted by Get Slim, has been the best thing that could have happened to me, the lchf lifestyle really agree’s with me and having the support of the challenge has really helped keep me mindful of what I eat and how I live and the competition has been really good for me, just reaffirming my determination to succeed every day.

My body is changing so much and people are really starting to notice the changes now. Not only am I losing weight, but the shape of my body is changing. The area that is most immediately noticeable, aside from my butt & stomach, is my face, my chin has sharpened and my jaw has more definition. I’m not trying to sound vein, but I also think I look younger, someone commented on this photo of the weekend, taken en route to my sister in law’s wedding, that I look 10 years younger…. YAY!


February was not an easy month weight loss wise, I yoyo’d all over the place but in the end still had a 2.8 kg total loss for the month, which I’m happy with.

I’m setting my self small monthly goals and excited to see where I’ll be at the end of March. One of my goals for this winter is to wear knee high boots because you know… my legs will actually be slim enough that boots close over my calves and for summer, I’m looking forward to flirty summer dresses and of course, wearing a swimming costumer without feeling like an elephant!