Every week, through my blog and social channels, I get exposed to some pretty incredible opportunities, campaigns and press drops. So I thought it was time to start a feature, originally called – FEATURE FRIDAY!

What’s the deal?

I’ll show you some of the cool comps, campaigns and opportunities that interested me and I think might interest you too!

In this weeks edition, I also have a question for the fashionistas,so stay tuned and read on……

First Up….

For all the Lou Harvey fans…. did you see this extra cool comp on the Lou Harvey Instagram this week? I’m totes going to enter this one, I’ve been a massive fan for years and have a huge collection of Lou Harvey goodies! I already have an idea for the photo I’m going to take for this competition!

Next up…. probably one of the coolest press drops I’ve ever received…..

Cadbury’s #BitesBytes Campaign

This may be one of the best press drops I’ve ever received, it’s super fun and did I mention…. It included chocolate! Not just any chocolate, but Cadburys Chocolate! It also included the most epic  vintage styled gaming console, pre-loaded with some of the TV games I loved as a kid, think Mario, Donkey Kong and so many more. I cannot wait to get my kids playing this weekend.

But there’s something in it for you too….. FREE DATA!

The Cadburys promotion is running from the 15th February to the 30th of April and you’re GUARANTEED A WIN! All you need to do is purchase any five large bars or mini bars of the participating Cadbury chocolates including: Lunch Bar, Lunch Bar Dream, P.S. Milk Chocolate, P.S. Caramilk, 5Star, Lunch Bar mini and P.S. Caramilk mini. Then, submit all five unique barcodes on the wrappers by dialling the USSD code *120*101112# and following the prompts. For every five large bars you are guaranteed 50MB of data, and when entering with five mini bars consumers are guaranteed R5 in airtime! All the #WINNING

Tuesday was also International Love Your Pet Day… and I received a number of fabulous goodies, worthy of a mention here too!

From The Barkery


From The Barkery

handcraft delicious treats for the furry members of our families! There are no artificial ingredients, sweeteners or preservatives that are so very bad for our fur babies, baked in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Now I don’t know about you guys, but my dogs are my extra children and each one of them have unique personalities and health concerns. Miley is super fussy! Dexter, I’m convinced is like his mom and dad, he carries a fat gene and everything makes him fat and Layla has skin allergies so everything makes her itch. But my pups have been snacking and treating on From The Barkery for the past week and Miley loves them and Layla has not started to scratch her face till she bleeds.

So what makes them so special? Well, they’re baked in small batches to retain freshness, have resealable packaging, great for keeping treats fresh, contain no preservatives, salt, sugars or sweeteners (which are toxic to dogs) make great training and reward treats, contain added ingredients that have known functional health benefits! Add to that, they are able to ship anywhere worldwide and they make personalized treats that are great for gift boxes full of yummy things and special edition holiday treats for your pamper pooch!

Speaking of Dexter and his fat gene….. (see above image)

My poor, poor boy. Just like my husband and I, if this boy even sniffs and simple carbohydrate, he balloons! So I am so incredibly grateful to have discovered Hill’s Metabolic Formula. 

Globally, obesity has become the major concern and I’m not talking about of the human variety, I’m talking about our pets! Most South African vets will confirm that more than half of the furry patients they treat are overweight and Dexter was one such patient, but then a couple of years ago, we discovered Hill’s Metabolic Forumla and it has been Dexter’s saving grace. Previously, we had tried every single light dog food on the market but our little boy just continued to get fatter and fatter!

We put Dexter on Hill’s Metabolic a couple of years ago and have not looked back. It works like no other light pet food does. Our boy, who tipped the scales at 4.6kg’s when he first started, and was 84% overweight, is now a healthy 3kg’s and he has maintained that healthy weight for the past few years, thanks to the metabolic formula. Just like humans, our pets are prone to obesity related diseases! 



More animal friendly treats….

Valemount also sent my Layla a bunch of spoils for Valentines day. 

Owning a power breed like Layla, means that we go through dog toys like most people go through toilet paper. But Valemount do so much more than just dog toys, there other brands include:

  • Westermans – This local and premium brand is largely manufactured in-house and includes bird seed, suet and feeders.
  • Mpet – From beds, to bowls, cat scratchers and rabbit hutches, this brand specialises in dog, cat and small animal accessories.
  • Deli nature – Imported all the way from Belgium, we stock this brand of parrot food with quality mixtures for different species.
  • Katz menu – The finest quality cat food for every stage of your feline friend’s life, imported from Belgium.


I was thrilled with the bird seed and bird feeder they sent us. Our house backs onto a green belt of sorts and whenever I’ve hung up traditional bird feeders it’s encouraged rates to come into our property, but with this feeder, the rats can’t get to the food and for now, they seem to have stayed away!

And now, a question for the fashionistas…..

Have you subscribed to The Box Fashion

Apparently, this is a subscription based box that you can only subscribe to on invite. Someone has invited me and I received the most beautiful gift of a kimono this week from them. Apparently I’ve been told that once I’ve received my free gift, they will begin to relentlessly contact me to subscribe to their monthly box which costs R349, after I’ve paid for  3 months in a row, I can then choose the box I want to receive monthly, with products in the range including Besige Breintjies, Isabella Garcia, IPS Health and Wellness or Platinum Software and then there is a seasonal box that is included free of charge. 

Have you subscribed? Do you love it? Is it worth it?

I’ll share a pic over on Instagram of me wearing the Kimono today! What do you think? I’m tempted because it’s beautiful, but I’m not really a fashionista so I’m still a little undecided. Share your honest opinions with me!

Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, I was not paid for any endorsement, I simply chose to share information and products received that interested me and that I thought would be of value or interest to you.

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