Three years ago, we bought our house. We thought it was our dream house, it checked every box for us, except one….

The outdoor living space.

We are definitely an outdoors family so choosing this house, with it’s ridiculously small patio was a huge oversight on our part and something we’ve regretted and lamented for the past 3 years! The house has a fairly large patio, but the roof only covered about a quarter of the patio. Not ideal on the highveld when an afternoon thunder shower renders our patio unusable.

Because money doesn’t grow on trees, we finally bit the bullet and got our patio roof extended.  But I still hated our patio, it was a dumping ground for our kids and most of what we had was old and outdated.

Builders Warehouse To The Rescue…

So when Builders Warehouse offered to assist us in creating an outdoor living space we would love, we jumped at the chance! 

This is our before picture:

It’s a mess. I hated it!

Outdoor Festivities.

Builders Warehouse literally had everything we needed to transform our patio/outdoor living space from a hodge podge mess of clutter and old outdated decor into something beautiful that I love! We have spent our entire holidays outdoors in our improved outdoor living space and loving it!

The first thing I chose was Rust-oleum Spray Paint in a stone finish to upgrade our African Masks. The masks have tremendous sentimental value as they were gifts collected while we were living in Mozambique and I didn’t want to throw them away. 

I am really pleased with how easy this product was to use, because I suck at DIY but I am SO happy with the results!

I got a little obsessed with the spray paints, I won’t lie, and even resprayed all my table decor for Christmas in chrome and I loved the effect. Now I just want to spray paint EVERYTHING! 

Now that our patio has a proper roof, we rearranged our table and were able to add in some more furniture! I fell in love with this Georgia Wine Trolley, it just adds such a lovely finishing touch and makes our patio seem more like a living area, a room, as opposed to a patio with a table and chair!

The Hurricane Lanterns with Pillar candles finish it off beautifully and I was finally able to hang the mosaic mirror I made years ago to finish off that area.

I also bought some flower pots because, like everyone else, I’m obsessed with succulents and started nipping and stealing little pieces of plants wherever I went and now my garden is overflowing with them, so I’ve transferred them into the pots we bought.

We’ve had our patio furniture for quite a while, but I always found the chair so uncomfortable to sit on, now finally, we have cushions so my butt doesn’t get so sore from the chairs anymore!


Lastly, I chose some box shelves to finish off the one blank wall.

This was such a fun project, the whole family got involved! 

Even my husband and he may be even worse than I am at DIY! You should have heard the F-bombs he threw when he was mounting the box shelves and when he dropped the wine trolley on his shin!

But we’re still not done!

There are just a couple more items we’d like to add to our patio….

I am obsessed with this Patio Sofa and think it will fit in perfectly. I can just imagine my evenings lounging on this sofa, sipping my wine and reading my book!

My husband is also still obsessed with this Weber Gas Grill Q3000 after using it at the Builders Cookout a few months ago, so we’ve saved a space for it on our patio and are saving up to spoil ourselves with one!

And then lastly, I’d love a beautiful, wrought iron chandelier for our patio because our current light fitting is just sad and stupid and pretty much pointless!

Our patio has really been transformed from kakkie to practical and beautiful over the past couple of weeks and it’s now by far my most favorite living area of our house. 

Best of all, I was able to avoid the festive madness and ordered all our items online! What a treat, I simply browsed what I wanted, placed my order and two days later it was ready for collection at my nearest store, less than 5km’s away.

What do you think of our improved outdoor living area?

This post was created in partnership with Builders Warehouse